Dec 24, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Winter's Coming - My Christmas Picture 2013 - Sold
I would like to thank you, my wonderful supporters, for all of your support and encouragement throughout the year.  It has been fun writing to you and sharing my Art World with you.  I would like to wish you all a
Wonderful Christmas and all the best for the coming Year
I look forward to connecting with you in the New Year.

Dec 17, 2013

Update on Bulgaria


The Dance of the Poppy - 4 x 5 Watercolour
My minis are settled and happy in Bulgaria.  The 4th Painting and Mixed Media Competition at the Lessedra Gallery opened on Dec 11 at 7pm. and runs till Feb 15, 2014. There are 248 artists entered the show from 49 different countries,  twenty-three artists are from Canada. Sad to say I was not one of the prize winner but I am happy to be part of the show.  It is really kind of interesting to think my pictures are busy entertaining so far away with so many different kinds of art.  

Eagle on the Rocks - 3.5 x 3.5 Watercolour
 The days are flying by so quickly, hope your Christmas preparations are going well.  Steve has been busy doing the Christmas baking and I am trying not to eat too much of it!!  A hard task as he makes so many wonderful treats. 
Rocky Shores - 5 x 6  Watercolour
Have a great day and think good thoughts for my pictures far away.  As always if you wish to buy any of my work or register for workshops just Contact Wendy .
To see some of the show:

Dec 13, 2013

Stellar Jay

Stellar Jay - 11 x 14 - matted, unframed $230

Isn't he great??

I was going to call him a "Jay with an Attitude" but felt that was unfair.  Jays are lovely, hard working birds on the go all the time.  A pair of them has been busy working on our hazelnut bush sneaking away with all the nuts.  I didn't realize that it was producing any until I saw one of them scooting off with a nut in his beak!!  Here I thought I was so lucky to have two of them hanging out in our front yard, chattering with the squirrels and flittering about.  I must admit I really enjoyed their company and I if the price to pay was our hazelnuts that's okay too.  But I would have loved to have seen a few of them on the branches!
Things are getting very busy now with all the holiday hustle and bustle. Organizing the last Christmas show of the season, advertising for winter workshops, preparing the last of Christmas commissions are just few of Art by Wendy's jobs right now.  It is all lots of fun but things like a snow day can really but a wrench in the works.  I hope all your Christmas jobs are getting done and as my daughter keeps reminding me "you are doing this because you love it so have fun on the way!"  So far I am on track, hope you are too!
Have a great day.

As always if you wish to buy any of my work or register for workshops just  Contact Wendy.  Gift certificates are available and make lovely Christmas Gifts.
Have a good day.

Dec 5, 2013

My Journals are Finished, Let's Start Using Them!!


Want to add Excitement to Your Journaling??

Ink, water coloured pencils (dry) and graphite - lovely gradation of colours on the hills is achieved much faster with pencils than pen work
Try using different drawing materials.

 Being a person that loves to draw I often stick with my favourite 2B pencil but I also carry some other very interesting things to use with it.  I keep a few watercolour pencils with my sketchbook:  a nice light and dark blue, red, yellow, brown and  green pencil with a water filled paintbrush. It would be nice to take more pencils but if you are on the go you have to pack light. 
Rocky Harbour, Gros Morne, NFL - ink, graphite, watercolour pencils with a touch of water (in the water)
The watercolour pencils can be used as a dry medium on top of the graphite, which gives great texture and the graphite adds a lovely gradation to the colour. It is best to put the colour on top of the graphite as I find the creamy surface of the watercolour pencils does not accept graphite well afterwards.  Then for variation use the wet paintbrush to bring some of that colour alive.. 

Ink work with Graphite - give lovely texture and value gradation
I also like to bring a .03 and .01 Pigma pen.  These pens are Archival and Permanent so if you want to add water with watercolour pencils the lines will not run.  The combination of graphite with your pen work and/or watercolour with your pen work will also quickly produce wonderful texture, line and depth to your sketches.  If you only have a short time to work get the main part completed and then touch up with a few details later when you have time.
Ink, coloured pencil and graphite - that splash of red really brings this East Coast Lighthouse to life!
I am sure you can understand now why I have designed my own Pocket Sketchbook/Journals (see last post).  The pocket in the front will hold all of this type of supplies and more so I can sit down, open my book and my materials are all there.  That really is key for any successful Journaling on the go - Be Prepared!  (yes I was a Girl Guide too!)

For more tips on Adding Excitement to Your Journaling come to the demo at our Show, Dec 6, 1:30 or better still sign up for the Journaling Workshop with Audrey Bakewell and myself, March 9, 2014.
(see my Shows/Workshops/Private Classes page for more information.)
Have a good day and Happy Journaling!


Nov 29, 2013

Sketchbook/Journals Under Production!!


Have you been out hiking and wanted to stop and sketch or paint but no materials??!!

That happened to me years ago when we were canoeing the Bowron Lakes.  On a 10-day canoe trip with lots of portages everything has to be packed and organized to the max.  During the day I would have 20-30 minutes to do a sketch but trying to keep things handy and dry was a real challenge.  When we got home I decided to design my own setup - my sketchbook/journals were the results.  The key to my journal covers is: the large pocket on the front that holds LOTS of stuff (glue stick, mini scissors, pens, pencils, paintbrush and more); they are fabric with a velcro fastener so they can grow as things are added to the pages; the whole thing fits into the largest ziploc bag so it can be kept clean and dry; and best of all, it features one of my pictures on the front!!
The Production Line

Journaling has always been an interest for me.  I like to use my journals to write about my trips and sketch and paint things along the way.  I also use it as a scrapbook, keeping mementos of the things we see and do.  With everything handy and easy to carry, I find I am able to work in my book whereever I am.  This means when I come back from my trip, my book is complete. (I often do the final entry on the plane on the way home.)

Right now I am in full production,  I enjoy sewing and it is fun to "just go at it" for a few days. I need extra on hand as Christmas is coming and I know how much they are appreciated by anyone that likes to write, scrapbook, sketch or paint on the go!
Pocket Sketchbook/Journal with the sketchbook that fits inside

My sketch/journals include a cloth cover, a 5.5 x 8.5 Canson Sketchbook, a pen and pencil and sell for $32. Pictures vary.  To purchase "a sketchbook/journal" Contact Wendy or come to the show next week Dec 6 & 7.  Audrey and I will be doing a demo at 1:30, Dec 6 as part of this show, "Adding Excitement to Your Journaling".  We will also be doing a workshop on Journaling, March 9.  (see my page Shows/Workshops/Private Classes for more info)
Have a great day.

Nov 20, 2013

Winter's Coming

WINTER'S COMING - 12 X 16 - $245 Matted & Unframed
My little Stellar Jay is finished and ready to fly.  He seems to have lots of life and really looks like he is ready to grab those bits of seeds on the stump, chitterling away, telling everyone they are for him.  Camp Robbers is common name used for the jays as they hang around camp and are ready to grab anything editable at a moments notice. He certainly looks like he is ready to grab and run!!
This scene is part of what I love about the West Coast forests: the lush greens in hundreds of different shades, the soft puffy mosses layered over the branches and trees like a coat of snow, the ferns spiky swords woven amongst the stumps and bushes, and the firs and cedars towering over everything.   My favourite place to walk!!
Enjoy my Stellar Jay.
To purchase "Winter's Coming"  Contact Wendy

Nov 15, 2013

Winter's Coming! WIP

Winter's Coming - Work in Progress
For most of Canada winter is here but on the West Coast we enjoy a much warmer climate so no winter yet.  (some years it doesn't even come!!).  I like to do at least one winter picture and this little Stellar Jay will star in this year's picture.  I had taken the reference material pictures several years ago when Steve, Rusty and I were camped up in the mountains at Silver Lake, south of Hope.  The weather was terrible!!  It had rained for days and we had nearly run out of books and hot chocolate!  Finally the sun came out.  This little guy was one of our first visitors and he chittered away until we found some peanuts for him.  We were happy to come out from under the tarps and enjoy the day and Rusty was happy to hunt around for the peanuts I had put out.  Who knew dogs loved peanuts!! 
Enjoy the day!
To purchase "Winter's Coming " (when it's finished) Contact Wendy

Nov 12, 2013

Summer Sun Revisited!!


When is a painting finished????

Summer Sun - 3 x 3 - $95 matted
This was a question for me, I found myself constantly avoiding this little painting.  (Well actually the one below, not the top one.)  I had really wanted to paint my flower using a square format but somehow for me it just hadn't worked.    When I found myself taking it out of the frame I know I had to give it another go. 
I decided that the background was just too cold for the flowers so I washed it off and started again. Yes, you really can make some major changes to watercolour and they will survive!!  I started again this time with more pinks and purples and maybe it is my imagination but I do think it has more life. The real test will be when I frame it!
What do you think, did I wreck it or fix it???
The Old Summer Sun - Not Available
Have a great day.
To purchase "Summer Sun" Contact Wendy  

Nov 7, 2013

The Ballerina


THE BALLERINA - 7 x 9 in. - watercolour - $230 matted & bagged
Have you ever seen such beautiful, flowing petals?

I loved the movement in this flower and couldn't resist painting it.  This picture started as a demo for one of my students, it wasn't meant for anything more than showing how to lay a multicoloured wash and then glaze over it.  HOWEVER, once I started glazing and building those petals I was hooked.  Like a crazy woman, I painted night and day until she was done!!  Then came the challenge: I needed a setting!!
Once again that crazy woman came out and worked away on paper and computer, trying to decide how to build it.  You see before you the final results - "The Ballerina"!!

To learn more about my private lessons and workshops see my Shows/Workshops/Private Classes Page

To purchase "The Ballerina" Contact Wendy

Nov 6, 2013

Serious Business

SERIOUS BUSINESS -  2.25 x 2.25 in - Watercolour - $85 matted & bagged 

Everything is serious for this little kitten.  He is hot on the trail, then suddenly there is a movement. He pauses, what is it? Should he follow?

Isn't it fun, I love the little stories that can grow from this little scene.  Kittens, like children, show their every mood.  We can see their thoughts, racing, flowing, now changing with the wind.  So much is happening in such a little space.

Yes, this little one is part of the show "Positively Petite, Miniature Show" at the Place des Arts in Coquitlam.  In total I will have 8 pieces in the show.  Reception is Thursday, Nov. 14, see you there!

Check my Shows/Workshops/Private Classes  Page for more info on this and other upcoming events. 

To purchase "Serious Business" Contact Wendy

Nov 1, 2013

Catch The Light


CATCH THE LIGHT - 3.3 x 3.3 in. - Watercolour - $105 matted & bagged
We had our last warm days of fall this week.  I even had lunch outside in the sun on 3 of the days but now the cooler weather is here.  It is funny how we are so attached to the weather and the sun.  I am sure there is more than just Vitamin D seeping in as we sit in the sun.

Here in our yard the birds are chittering away at my husband's feeders, not bothering about me at all. In a space of a few minutes, I see Chickadees, a Crown Sparrow, and a Flicker sharing the feeder.  I can hear a Stellar Jay off in the distance, probably telling them to move as he wants in. They like the bird seed but they love the suet balls Steve puts out for them!!

My miniature "Catch the Light" seems very much part of this world - the fall colours, the splash of sunlight on the petals and the fading flowers in the background.  I just love it.

"Catch the Light" will join my other miniatures at the Positively Petite Show in Coquitlam at the Place des Arts.  The show opens on Nov. 14 with a reception at 7, see you there.
Enjoy the day and don't let those rainy days get you down.

Check my Shows/Workshops/Private Classes Page for more info on this and other upcoming events.

To purchase "Catch the Light" Contact Wendy .


Oct 27, 2013

Full of Sunshine

FULL OF SUNSHINE - Watercolour - 3.3 x 3.3 in.-$105 matted & bagged

As I watch the sun drop lower and lower in the sky each day I couldn't resist a few more summer pictures.  I love the Blackeyed-Susies, they seem to capture the sun and the fall colours all at once.  They hold such promise that each day will be fresh and bright and sunny days will last forever.  I know, I sound a little sun struck, but I must admit we have been having lots of fall foggy days right now.  The fog rolls in, early in the morning and may slink off for a bit in the afternoon but not always.  Today was one of those days, gray, wet and foggy all day.  I really enjoyed painting my sun drenched petals, once again feeling the warmth of summer.

This little mini will be heading off to the Positively Petite Show, Nov. 14- Dec 21, 2013 at Place des Arts in Coquitlam, BC.  Max. size 12 sq inches.  You will be amazed at what will fit into that space!

Have a great day and enjoy my little bit of sunshine,

Oct 22, 2013

A Weekend with Stan


No, Steve and I are still together but I just spent 3 days painting with Stan Miller!! 
Stan with the first demo, wet into wet.  It was amazing to watch it come to life.

 It was an exciting, exhausting, truly amazing time.  I found out that I really could paint DARK with watercolour and light and I could blend in between.  We talked a lot about design and things started to click a bit more for me and we painted, listened, watched and talked.  It was wonderful to be totally immersed in painting and trying new things.  Stan is a very pleasant man to work with and has lots of interesting chatter to go with his presentations.  He painted a couple of interesting pieces for us and showed us how to work with egg tempera, something that I have always wondered about.   
 Here are my two landscapes.  They have simple shapes but don't they jump off the page!

My two portraits. This was a new area for me and I was really pleased at the results.  As you can see, we worked a lot on values.  I found that it really is true, if the value is right you can work in any colour scheme and things flow.
Have a great day. 
To see some of Stan Miller’s work

Oct 17, 2013

Off to Bulgaria


The Dance of the Poppy - 4 x 5 -  $135 unframed

No, I am still here, hard at work in my studio but some of my pictures will be off on an adventure!!  Three of my miniature pictures are on their way to the 4th International Painting Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria, December 2013 – February 2014.

Eagle On the Rocks 3.5 x 3.5 - $110 unframed
 It is exciting to think that my pictures “The Dance of the Poppy”, “Eagle on the Rocks” and “Rocky Shoreline” will be showing in new places to entirely new audiences.   I was looking for something different for my pictures and this show looked to fit the bill.  I wanted to present the beauty of the West Coast of Canada and also try and show how watercolour and landscapes can take different forms.  Wish them luck!
Rocky Shores - 5 x 6 - $145 unframed
(Yes, you guessed correctly.  Our adventures on Texada Island are reflected in two of the pictures. I enjoy painting the coastline with the Vancouver Island mountains featured in the distance.  I hope Europeans enjoy the view as well.  )
If you are interested in purchasing these pictures they will not be home again until next spring but I would be happy to paint something similar for you.  It would not be exactly the same as of course it would be personal for just you.

Oct 11, 2013

Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In Time - 8 x 10 - Watercolour Sold
   Yes, it was a wonderful romantic movie with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour but now it is also a great piece of art by me.  It is a recent commission I did as a memory for a lovely place that my clients had lived.  We wanted to present the scene at the best time of year, late summer with many of their special things in the foreground.  The feeders for the squirrels and birds that lived in the area, the roses and the rickety fence made from branches that held the bushes back and provided character to the yard.  They are off to new places and new adventures but they have a lovely memory piece to remind them of their life here on the coast. 
This was a really fun picture for me to paint; I love the farmer’s fields especially at this time of year.  The colours were my favourite and even the little touches are the things that I treasure as well.   The deadline was tight as they were leaving soon but things just flew into place and it was done. 
I wish them all the best in their new world with great memories of their life here on the Coast.
Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend and see you next week,

Oct 4, 2013

Our 63 Chevy Impala

63 Chevy Impala - 6.5 x 9.5 - $230 unframed

Well I did it!!  Steve and I dug into our old albums and found a picture of his car - a 63 Chevy Impala!!  He had just washed it and taken a picture of it before we went out on a date.  Lots of memories there!  The original car was all white but his good friend Brian, painted it metallic green and later put a black vinyl roof on it.  I have drawn it without the vinyl roof as that was my first memories.

Once again I have been working with ink and coloured pencils.  I tried using Illustration board this time but I will go back to my Bristol vellum.  I did not like the way the ink lines show in the shadows when I used the coloured pencil.  It does give it an interesting texture for the ground but sometimes it was very hard to work with inside the car.  Now that I have found a way to draw Classic Cars I am anxious to dig into my reference files and get too work!!

If you have a car you would like me to draw let me know, I am happy to do commission work. 

Sep 29, 2013

One Show finishes and Another is Starting

Time for the unpacking and getting ready for the next show!!

 Yes, our Show "Value & Colour Comes to Life" is over and so is the Art Studio Tour. It has been a busy month and the last two weekends have been crazy.   With every show I meet lots of new people who experience my art for the first time.  It is great to hear their response.  Here are a few of the comments from the guestbook: Beautiful wet in wet, I love your vibrant colours!; A real eye opener!; and my favourite "Wendy, you have such a great feeling to your watercolours!" 

But like all good things it must come to an end and now I am onto bigger and better things.  Tomorrow we will be hanging a show for my art club "Symphony of Colours & Imagination" at the Semiahmoo Arts in the Park Gallery.  My award winning picture  "Romancing the Rose" and "Poppies in the Springtime" will be in that show.  Both pictures are the result of my adventures into using molding paste with watercolour.  I must admit I haven't had time to do any others with this technique but once things slow down I have a few more projects in mind.
Romancing the Rose - 12 x 16 Framed $310

 Poppies in the Springtime - 20 x 24 - Framed $800
Have a great day and here is a summary of the show information for those local readers.
Summary of Show Information:
Symphony of Colours & Imagination - Surrey's Artswest Fall Show.  semiahmoo Arts in the Park Gallery , 146   North Bluff Rd., White Rock.  Viewing Hrs. Mon - Thurs. 10-4pm.

Sep 25, 2013

More to Come on the Langley Art Studio Tour

That's me with one of my drawing demos during the tour
Weekend One is over but still more to come on the Langley Art Studio Tour.  We will be back at it again all this coming weekend, Sept 28 & 29 - 51 artists, 27 studios and 4 Stops of Interest.  I am at Special Stop of Interest D, which is the Langley Gallery and Art Center.  We had a pretty busy weekend both days despite the heavy rains on Sunday.  What better way to spend a rainy day then wondering from one Artist Studio to another.  You get to see where they work, how they work and works in progress as well as the finished ones.  My only problem with being in the tour is I can't visit the other studios!! 
I have been offering free Drawing Demos during each of the weekends, 11am and 1:30pm each day.  It was very exciting to hear the reaction.  My focus was drawing people using the "Line of Action" and then blocking in the head, chest, and hips.  Following that with blocking in 3 sections for the arms and 3 for the legs.  This creates a shape that has movement and mass which can then be refined as much as needed to put into a painting.  Everyone was amazed at how quickly the movement was captured and when I "dressed' the image by focusing on the darks it really came alive.  It was great to hear the comments "I can't wait to try it".  "It looks so easy." "You really captured the movement".  "Thank you, that has really helped me."  It made for a very rewarding day.
If you want to work with the "Line of Action" check out the YouTube video "A Guide to Gesture Drawing" by Sycra.  It is about 20 minutes long.  He gives lots of great examples using the Line of Action.  I would suggest you have your pencil and paper ready and work along with him.  After you have 'the line of action' he uses more gestures but if you work with the body sections as I suggested you will be amazed at how quickly the body develops.  Good luck with this and have fun.  Let me know if you are having problems and would like a little help or better still come to one of the demos this weekend.

Sep 19, 2013

On the Move Again - Langley Art Studio Tour

Very exciting event this weekend and next, our own Art Studio Tour here in the Valley!!  This will by my 3rd year with the tour and I love having the opportunity to meet and talk with art lovers all day!!
I will be at the Stop of Interest D - Langley Gallery and Arts Center, 20550 Fraser Hwy, where I have my show with Audrey Bakewell happening "Colour and Value Comes to Life" and I have a studio/gallery space.  It  is nice to finally have my own spot for this event. 
As part of the event I will be offering free Demos on tips and techniques for Putting People in Your Paintings.  Many artists are reluctant to add that person to their work but I think using the gesture drawing technique "Line of Action" it can be done in a very successful way.  This is also a great way to develop figurative work.  The demos will run each of the 4 days of the tour so come and join me when you can. 

For Maps and further info on the tour see the website:

Sep 13, 2013

Selling Art With No Fear


Low Tide - 7.5 x 10 - Watercolour, matted $230

Seems like a strange topic for Artists but a very real feeling for many artists!  It is the nature of the beast.  Visual Artists like to work hours on end in their studios creating their masterpieces; pouring their heart and soul into every piece. Then suddenly they are out there!!  To sell, artists need to move out of their lovely quiet studios into the busy world of Marketing.  For many this is very difficult; an artists must sell not only their artwork but themselves as well.  A hard role to play when your heart and soul is sitting there for all to judge!

On Tuesday, Sept 17,  I will be making this presentation to an art group.  With some discussions, games and role playing activities, we will all be building skills to market ourselves and our work with confidence.   I am looking forward to working with this group as I know we will  have some fun and I will learn some new things too!!

Sep 9, 2013

Special Moments


Special Moments - 16 x 20 - Graphite -$500

Have you seen the seals basking in the sun on the rocks? 
As the tide drops, lots of rocky shoreline appears and offers lovely resting spots for the seals.  When we were up at Texada Island, BC,  this summer there was a large number of seals, 'hanging out' along the little coastal islands. In the evening we would see them splashing as they drove the fish into the bay for a quick supper.  When the waters were calm we often saw a mother with her pup, moving it along with her nose.  I thought maybe she was trying to  build up their swimming endurance.  We often saw a group basking in the sun on the rocks when we were out in the boat. 
This pair, mom and pup, were settled nicely on the rocks and gave us a quick look before going back to sleep.  We obviously were not very interesting! I got great reference pictures and I could hardly wait to work on "Special Moments" when we got home.

Special Moments is on view now at my show "Value & Colour Comes to Life" till Sept 30, at the UPSTAIRS GALLERY, Langley Arts Council Residence Gallery, 20550 Fraser Hwy, Langley, open Mon - Sat, 10-5pm.

As always cards and prints are available for any of my work starting at $3.50 for cards.


Sep 5, 2013

Cruising Along in the Old Model A

 1928 Model A Ford - 11 x 14 matted $230

Have you been to the Cruising Weekend in Langley? 

It happens on Saturday, Sept 7; its a sight to see. They block off 7 or 8 blocks around the Douglas Park area and fill the streets with old cars.  It is an amazing, I know of have seen a few shows here and there but this is BIG!!  There are all makes and sizes and years.  Last year I saw one from 1908; so who knows how old the oldest will be this year.  The only disappointment; they consider a 63 Impala, a collector car.  I remember dating Steve when he had that car!!!

 Baby Bird - 55-57 Thunderbird - 11 x 14 matted $230

I have been taking pictures of old cars for years but never sure how I wanted to develop them.  I felt ink had to be involved as old machinery seems to "cry out to me" for it but I wasn't happy with my value range.  I tried this combo of ink with coloured pencil and I love it!!  "Cruising Along" came to life and was quickly followed by "Baby Bird".   Plans are in the works for more. If you have a car you would like me to draw, just drop me a line. Car portraits are lots of fun. Once the picture is drawn, I can make you a few cards to go with it.
When you are at the Crusing Show, don't forget to visit the Langley Arts Council Gallery (20550 Fraser Hwy)  to see our Show and my studio space. (Both pictures are part of the show)

Special Note: I originally called my 1928 Model Ford as a T Model but I have been corrected by several car buffs that it is an A and in fact might be a Ford Victoria.  I have been learning quite a bit since I drew these cars and it makes me want to do more!

Sep 3, 2013

Set Up Day - A Day in the Life of An Artist!!


Yes it is show day!! After weeks of painting, photographing, matting, framing and inventorying our work,  it is time to pack it up and head for the gallery.  Audrey and I have been looking forward to this show for several months and excitement runs high. 
Rusty takes an active part in checking the pictures are ready for packing.  (Really he just wants to know if he gets to come too!! - He doesn't!)

Everything is carried in and spread out.  Where to begin?  Things work well in the planning stage but when you finally have the pictures and the space everything seems different.

Ta Da!! One section done and things are starting to take shape. 

Five hours later and 45 pictures are hung, labeled and looking good.  Signs are in place and we are ready to show. This is a peak, but come in and get the full experience.

"Value & Colour Comes to Life" will be on till Sept 30, Langley Gallery and Arts Center, Upstairs Gallery, 20550 Fraser Hwy, Langley. Featuring artists: Audrey Bakewell and me, Wendy Mould. 
Open Mon to Sat 10-4pm with special hours during the Langley Studio Tour Weekends, Sept 21/22 & 28/29  - 10-5pm. 
 See more of Audrey's work:

Aug 30, 2013

Value & Colour Come to Life!! - Show at Langley Gallery & Art Center

Stripes III, Acrylic, 12 x 12, $295 Framed by Audrey Bakewell
Have you thought of paints as just flat colour on paper? 
Audrey Bakewell and I have put together a show to change your mind.  We both love to work with values and colour weaving lights and darks to create our work. Yes, at first it lacks life as we design, build and layer.  Then suddenly it comes alive!!  Horses, birds, flowers, and trees; whatever catches our eye.  Our show will feature a great selection of values and colours working together bringing life to the page.  Come and check it out.
Show Details:  Value & Colour Come to Life - Sept 1-30, 2013, Langley Gallery & Art Center, 20550 Fraser Hwy, Langley. Upstairs Gallery.  Viewing Hours Mon-Sat 10-4pm.  Special hours for the last 2 weekends of Sept. 21/22 & 28/29, both Saturday and Sunday, open 10-5pm.
Audrey and I will be in attendance for both of the Special Weekends at the end of Sept.
Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island, BC - Matted 14 x 18 - $330

Aug 25, 2013

Reflections and Arbutus Splendor on the West Coast of Canada


A few more pictures from Texada Island - Yes, I really had fun painting there!!

Reflections, West Coast of Canada - 6.5 x 10 - $230 unframed

What colour is the ocean?  Many colours I found out this summer: deep indigo when the sky is cloudy and threatening, shades of icy blue when the sun is shining and glassy gray when the air is still.  The reflections of the island change the water even more; greens, golds and violets as the sun begins to drop.  Everything seems to glow with colour. 

"Reflections, West Coast Canada" and "Arbutus Splendor, West Coast Canada" are a more southern view from our camp grounds looking over Moat Bay and of course the Coastal Mountains of Vancouver Island in the distance.  We had had several windless days and everyone was out with their kayaks and boats.  There was a large group of seals hanging out at those islands off the point and we often saw a mother taking her baby out for a swim.  I got some great pictures of them resting on the rocks, you just know they will be my next drawing, hopefully by late Sept!

Arbutus Splendor, West Coast of Canada - 6.8 x 8 - $220 unframed

This is a closer view of the shoreline on Dick Island.  There are gorgeous  large arbutus trees hanging out over the water and when the tide is out, it is a beautiful walk way.  Rusty and I spent lots of time wondering around those rocks and along the beach.  He wasn't so happy with the 'water' part though and  stayed on the sand when I walked in the water!

Aug 19, 2013

Driftwood Island, Canadian West Coast

More from our Texada Island Trip
Driftwood Island, Canadian West Coast - 2 x 4.8 - $85
Have you noticed how the shoreline comes alive when the tide is out?  That is when the shore birds appear, as they begin to look for bits and pieces left behind with the tide.  It is also when the rugged rocks, covered with barnacles, sea-life and muscles begin to emerge.  This little reef usually buried under several feet of water was high and dry and full of life. 
We had been out exploring the island when we found an overgrown road leading down to the water.  We followed it until it became a small trail; what a great surprise when we emerged at the water's edge.  Of course I had to paint!!  As I worked away the tide came in and slowly the reef began to disappear.  There was some driftwood on the highest part that was going to be safe for awhile; the tides are low for the next few weeks so unless the winds pick up it should stay high and dry for now.
As always all my work is available in cards and prints starting at $3.25 for cards.
Have a great day and yes I have more pictures to show you, I just have to get them set up.

Aug 15, 2013

Sunshine on Dick Island, Texada Island, BC


First Picture from our Trip to Texada Island

Sunshine on Dick Island, Texada Island, BC - 4.5 x 6.5 - $130
Do you find it rejuvenating to look at the water? I love to sit and look out at the ocean.  It is always changing and certainly not always blue!!  You will notice that I was experimenting with different blues.  I do love Ultra Marine with a little Burnt Sienna to give that feeling of distant mountains but this time I tried Phalo Blue.  It gave a lovely glow to everything and also an old English country feel.  It must have been one of their standby colours in the old days. 
This is one of my favourite views from Shelter Point, Dick Island to the left and the Coastal Mountains on Vancouver Island in the distant.  Notice the Forbidden Plateau Glacier is in this area of the mountain range as we are almost directly east of it.  The Glacier looks down on the Comox Valley where both Steve and I grow up.  Yes, the water was that calm.  We had many days when the wind was silent and the water was just like glass. 
As always cards and prints are available for all my pictures starting at $3.25 for a card.
Have a good day and more of my holiday pictures on my next post.

Aug 7, 2013

Back from a Successful Painting Holiday


This summer we headed up to our favourite spot, Texada Island and the Sunshine Coast, on the West Coast of Canada.  The weather was great, the scenery was fantastic and our little adventures were many. 

Yes, our little boater had a good holiday.  As many of you know he had some pretty major surgery in June and we weren't sure how it would turn out.  But he had a good trip and is ready to celebrate his 17th birthday tomorrow, Aug 8.
Steve with his Crab Trap
He had a wonderful time, he loves to get out on the water and play around, crabbing is one of his things.  13 in this trap but only 1 keeper - enough for us to enjoy!

Rusty and I go along for the ride and enjoy the scenery
Me painting - Oh I had a wonderful time painting, drawing and trying new things.  Some things turned out great but I must admit there were a few things that, well let's remember they were an experiment!!  I will share some of my pictures with my next few posts.
Have a great day and enjoy our sunshine.