Nov 29, 2013

Sketchbook/Journals Under Production!!


Have you been out hiking and wanted to stop and sketch or paint but no materials??!!

That happened to me years ago when we were canoeing the Bowron Lakes.  On a 10-day canoe trip with lots of portages everything has to be packed and organized to the max.  During the day I would have 20-30 minutes to do a sketch but trying to keep things handy and dry was a real challenge.  When we got home I decided to design my own setup - my sketchbook/journals were the results.  The key to my journal covers is: the large pocket on the front that holds LOTS of stuff (glue stick, mini scissors, pens, pencils, paintbrush and more); they are fabric with a velcro fastener so they can grow as things are added to the pages; the whole thing fits into the largest ziploc bag so it can be kept clean and dry; and best of all, it features one of my pictures on the front!!
The Production Line

Journaling has always been an interest for me.  I like to use my journals to write about my trips and sketch and paint things along the way.  I also use it as a scrapbook, keeping mementos of the things we see and do.  With everything handy and easy to carry, I find I am able to work in my book whereever I am.  This means when I come back from my trip, my book is complete. (I often do the final entry on the plane on the way home.)

Right now I am in full production,  I enjoy sewing and it is fun to "just go at it" for a few days. I need extra on hand as Christmas is coming and I know how much they are appreciated by anyone that likes to write, scrapbook, sketch or paint on the go!
Pocket Sketchbook/Journal with the sketchbook that fits inside

My sketch/journals include a cloth cover, a 5.5 x 8.5 Canson Sketchbook, a pen and pencil and sell for $32. Pictures vary.  To purchase "a sketchbook/journal" Contact Wendy or come to the show next week Dec 6 & 7.  Audrey and I will be doing a demo at 1:30, Dec 6 as part of this show, "Adding Excitement to Your Journaling".  We will also be doing a workshop on Journaling, March 9.  (see my page Shows/Workshops/Private Classes for more info)
Have a great day.

Nov 20, 2013

Winter's Coming

WINTER'S COMING - 12 X 16 - $245 Matted & Unframed
My little Stellar Jay is finished and ready to fly.  He seems to have lots of life and really looks like he is ready to grab those bits of seeds on the stump, chitterling away, telling everyone they are for him.  Camp Robbers is common name used for the jays as they hang around camp and are ready to grab anything editable at a moments notice. He certainly looks like he is ready to grab and run!!
This scene is part of what I love about the West Coast forests: the lush greens in hundreds of different shades, the soft puffy mosses layered over the branches and trees like a coat of snow, the ferns spiky swords woven amongst the stumps and bushes, and the firs and cedars towering over everything.   My favourite place to walk!!
Enjoy my Stellar Jay.
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Nov 15, 2013

Winter's Coming! WIP

Winter's Coming - Work in Progress
For most of Canada winter is here but on the West Coast we enjoy a much warmer climate so no winter yet.  (some years it doesn't even come!!).  I like to do at least one winter picture and this little Stellar Jay will star in this year's picture.  I had taken the reference material pictures several years ago when Steve, Rusty and I were camped up in the mountains at Silver Lake, south of Hope.  The weather was terrible!!  It had rained for days and we had nearly run out of books and hot chocolate!  Finally the sun came out.  This little guy was one of our first visitors and he chittered away until we found some peanuts for him.  We were happy to come out from under the tarps and enjoy the day and Rusty was happy to hunt around for the peanuts I had put out.  Who knew dogs loved peanuts!! 
Enjoy the day!
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Nov 12, 2013

Summer Sun Revisited!!


When is a painting finished????

Summer Sun - 3 x 3 - $95 matted
This was a question for me, I found myself constantly avoiding this little painting.  (Well actually the one below, not the top one.)  I had really wanted to paint my flower using a square format but somehow for me it just hadn't worked.    When I found myself taking it out of the frame I know I had to give it another go. 
I decided that the background was just too cold for the flowers so I washed it off and started again. Yes, you really can make some major changes to watercolour and they will survive!!  I started again this time with more pinks and purples and maybe it is my imagination but I do think it has more life. The real test will be when I frame it!
What do you think, did I wreck it or fix it???
The Old Summer Sun - Not Available
Have a great day.
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Nov 7, 2013

The Ballerina


THE BALLERINA - 7 x 9 in. - watercolour - $230 matted & bagged
Have you ever seen such beautiful, flowing petals?

I loved the movement in this flower and couldn't resist painting it.  This picture started as a demo for one of my students, it wasn't meant for anything more than showing how to lay a multicoloured wash and then glaze over it.  HOWEVER, once I started glazing and building those petals I was hooked.  Like a crazy woman, I painted night and day until she was done!!  Then came the challenge: I needed a setting!!
Once again that crazy woman came out and worked away on paper and computer, trying to decide how to build it.  You see before you the final results - "The Ballerina"!!

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Nov 6, 2013

Serious Business

SERIOUS BUSINESS -  2.25 x 2.25 in - Watercolour - $85 matted & bagged 

Everything is serious for this little kitten.  He is hot on the trail, then suddenly there is a movement. He pauses, what is it? Should he follow?

Isn't it fun, I love the little stories that can grow from this little scene.  Kittens, like children, show their every mood.  We can see their thoughts, racing, flowing, now changing with the wind.  So much is happening in such a little space.

Yes, this little one is part of the show "Positively Petite, Miniature Show" at the Place des Arts in Coquitlam.  In total I will have 8 pieces in the show.  Reception is Thursday, Nov. 14, see you there!

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Nov 1, 2013

Catch The Light


CATCH THE LIGHT - 3.3 x 3.3 in. - Watercolour - $105 matted & bagged
We had our last warm days of fall this week.  I even had lunch outside in the sun on 3 of the days but now the cooler weather is here.  It is funny how we are so attached to the weather and the sun.  I am sure there is more than just Vitamin D seeping in as we sit in the sun.

Here in our yard the birds are chittering away at my husband's feeders, not bothering about me at all. In a space of a few minutes, I see Chickadees, a Crown Sparrow, and a Flicker sharing the feeder.  I can hear a Stellar Jay off in the distance, probably telling them to move as he wants in. They like the bird seed but they love the suet balls Steve puts out for them!!

My miniature "Catch the Light" seems very much part of this world - the fall colours, the splash of sunlight on the petals and the fading flowers in the background.  I just love it.

"Catch the Light" will join my other miniatures at the Positively Petite Show in Coquitlam at the Place des Arts.  The show opens on Nov. 14 with a reception at 7, see you there.
Enjoy the day and don't let those rainy days get you down.

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