May 28, 2009

Bailey is heading home

Well Bailey is finished and gone to her home. I am really pleased with how she turned out. I had many challenges with her light colors to try and get depth and light into them but I think I achieved my goal. The dramatic lighting really worked out well and I love the way she fades into the right side of the picture.
When I started with the drawing I had a terrible time trying to decide how to end portrait at the bottom but once I put it to paper and started working, it was easy to see where to go. This was a good reminder that some things can only be done with the actual drawing, computers and photographs can only tell us so much. I did make a few changes to Bailey's face from the first posting: the size of her eyes. I find that somehow the eyes seem to shrink as the drawing progresses and usually when I am not happy with them it is because they are too small. This was the case with Bailey.
Have a great day and keep up your drawing.

May 19, 2009


I thought that you would really enjoy this new picture. Bailey, was a wonderful dog and well loved by her owners. They have asked me to do a portrait of her and I was thrilled. The pictures they gave me to work with had wonderful lighting and I knew she would look great. I have started off with her face and I am working my way down the picture. I do have a few interesting problems to work out. I had to determine how to finish the lower half of the picture, as she is sitting at right angles to the photographer and this gives a funny look to the lower part of her portrait. I have decided to focus on her flowing hair and to fade the body out at the bottom. The darkness on the left side provides a dramatic pose but also means it is hard to get details for that area. Sometimes you just have to jump in and let the picture take over. I will keep you posted.

May 15, 2009

Dude, My Unsung Hero

My art club is having a show called "Heroes" and I wanted to incorporate my love of animals in the show. I think that all of our pets are heroes as they put up with so much from us and keep coming back with love and affection but the greatest ones of all are the service dogs. Dude, belongs to an artist and friend of mine and I felt he really is a hero. He is patient, understanding, loving, a fabulous friend and helper to his owner and it was a great privilege to draw him.
Don't get me wrong though, there were also some drawing challenges. I had lots of fun trying to make his fur look and feel like it was light and fluffy and not a "dark blob" as my husband said at one point! At the same time I didn't want him to look like he had just walked out of a salon; I hope that I have achieved my goal.

May 5, 2009

Great News with my Miniatures


I just received news that two of my miniature pictures have been accepted into the International Miniature Show in Levis, just outside Quebec City. This show is held every two years and runs for three months, June 14 – Sept 6, 2009. For further information on the show see
My pictures that were accepted were "Poppies in the Rough" and "Driftwood Shoreline". "Poppies in the Rough" is a little different for me as it is more abstract than realistic. I started with an ink pouring and then began to find myself in it. I can really understand what artists mean when they say it "tells me how to proceed". There comes a point where you and the piece are working together and things begin to emerge from the color. It is really an exciting process.

My piece "Driftwood Shoreline" I did after I had completed my larger piece "Shoreline Driftwood". I just loved the driftwood and the ocean view, it is one that I have walked many time with my dog. I wanted to see if I could create that feeling of depth and summer sunlight in a much smaller image. I thought it was a good one to send to the show as it really speaks a lot about our west coast.