Jul 17, 2013

The Old Barn

The Old Barn - 13 x 15 Sold

Don't these old buildings have lots of memories and stories?  Just looking at the lines of age seem to give it that sense of dignity even as it is falling to ruin.  They are so much fun to draw and see them come to life again. 
This barn was a challenge as it was so big it was impossible to get pictures of it in one piece. I went in February to do the photo shoot so the alder trees would be bare and I could get clear shots.  From my picture pieces I was able to draw it out.  The owners wanted it to appear as if they were looking out their window, so I picked a few things from their windowsill to bring it all to life.  I must admit I really loved that little plant man in the right corner and he was finished longed before the rest of the picture.  (We all have our fun spots!)
The owners were thrilled with the picture and my biggest critic, my husband Steve, gave it his thumbs up as well.
Enjoy the summer days, they go by too quickly,

Jul 11, 2013

The Art of Journal

Silhouettes and Extender Sample
Journaling is a time honored tradition for all artists, no matter what their discipline.  Visual Artists really embrace it as it is such a wonderful way to collect information, experiment with new ideas or just to let go and get those creative juices flowing.  Journaling is something I love to do and for me it takes many forms: an expression of my thoughts, a collection of memories from my travels and a way to try out new things. 
Mixture of painting and writing
On Saturday, July 13, 11-1pm I will be Demoing the Art of Journaling at the Langley Opus Framing and Supplies Store.  It is free but you need to phone or stop by to register for it.  Now that it is summer it is really fun to get that journal out and use it.  I have a couple of interesting tips and techniques that I think will make that journal come alive and fuel that tank of inspiration.  Come and join me.
Using the Elegant Writer - a fun and unique way to do a quick sketch. 
Whatever you do this summer, enjoy some of the lazy, hazy days and get your artistic juices flowing.  Have a great day,