Aug 7, 2013

Back from a Successful Painting Holiday


This summer we headed up to our favourite spot, Texada Island and the Sunshine Coast, on the West Coast of Canada.  The weather was great, the scenery was fantastic and our little adventures were many. 

Yes, our little boater had a good holiday.  As many of you know he had some pretty major surgery in June and we weren't sure how it would turn out.  But he had a good trip and is ready to celebrate his 17th birthday tomorrow, Aug 8.
Steve with his Crab Trap
He had a wonderful time, he loves to get out on the water and play around, crabbing is one of his things.  13 in this trap but only 1 keeper - enough for us to enjoy!

Rusty and I go along for the ride and enjoy the scenery
Me painting - Oh I had a wonderful time painting, drawing and trying new things.  Some things turned out great but I must admit there were a few things that, well let's remember they were an experiment!!  I will share some of my pictures with my next few posts.
Have a great day and enjoy our sunshine.


Studio at the Farm said...

These scenes look so peaceful, Wendy. Give Rusty a big Happy Birthday hug for me!!!
Kathryn xx

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, it is really low key there, as my brother says "there is not much to do on Texada Island". Which is why we like it!
Rusty had a great birthday and is now down for a nap.