Oct 27, 2013

Full of Sunshine

FULL OF SUNSHINE - Watercolour - 3.3 x 3.3 in.-$105 matted & bagged

As I watch the sun drop lower and lower in the sky each day I couldn't resist a few more summer pictures.  I love the Blackeyed-Susies, they seem to capture the sun and the fall colours all at once.  They hold such promise that each day will be fresh and bright and sunny days will last forever.  I know, I sound a little sun struck, but I must admit we have been having lots of fall foggy days right now.  The fog rolls in, early in the morning and may slink off for a bit in the afternoon but not always.  Today was one of those days, gray, wet and foggy all day.  I really enjoyed painting my sun drenched petals, once again feeling the warmth of summer.

This little mini will be heading off to the Positively Petite Show, Nov. 14- Dec 21, 2013 at Place des Arts in Coquitlam, BC.  Max. size 12 sq inches.  You will be amazed at what will fit into that space!

Have a great day and enjoy my little bit of sunshine,

Oct 22, 2013

A Weekend with Stan


No, Steve and I are still together but I just spent 3 days painting with Stan Miller!! 
Stan with the first demo, wet into wet.  It was amazing to watch it come to life.

 It was an exciting, exhausting, truly amazing time.  I found out that I really could paint DARK with watercolour and light and I could blend in between.  We talked a lot about design and things started to click a bit more for me and we painted, listened, watched and talked.  It was wonderful to be totally immersed in painting and trying new things.  Stan is a very pleasant man to work with and has lots of interesting chatter to go with his presentations.  He painted a couple of interesting pieces for us and showed us how to work with egg tempera, something that I have always wondered about.   
 Here are my two landscapes.  They have simple shapes but don't they jump off the page!

My two portraits. This was a new area for me and I was really pleased at the results.  As you can see, we worked a lot on values.  I found that it really is true, if the value is right you can work in any colour scheme and things flow.
Have a great day. 
To see some of Stan Miller’s work www.stanmiller.net

Oct 17, 2013

Off to Bulgaria


The Dance of the Poppy - 4 x 5 -  $135 unframed

No, I am still here, hard at work in my studio but some of my pictures will be off on an adventure!!  Three of my miniature pictures are on their way to the 4th International Painting Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria, December 2013 – February 2014.

Eagle On the Rocks 3.5 x 3.5 - $110 unframed
 It is exciting to think that my pictures “The Dance of the Poppy”, “Eagle on the Rocks” and “Rocky Shoreline” will be showing in new places to entirely new audiences.   I was looking for something different for my pictures and this show looked to fit the bill.  I wanted to present the beauty of the West Coast of Canada and also try and show how watercolour and landscapes can take different forms.  Wish them luck!
Rocky Shores - 5 x 6 - $145 unframed
(Yes, you guessed correctly.  Our adventures on Texada Island are reflected in two of the pictures. I enjoy painting the coastline with the Vancouver Island mountains featured in the distance.  I hope Europeans enjoy the view as well.  )
If you are interested in purchasing these pictures they will not be home again until next spring but I would be happy to paint something similar for you.  It would not be exactly the same as of course it would be personal for just you.

Oct 11, 2013

Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In Time - 8 x 10 - Watercolour Sold
   Yes, it was a wonderful romantic movie with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour but now it is also a great piece of art by me.  It is a recent commission I did as a memory for a lovely place that my clients had lived.  We wanted to present the scene at the best time of year, late summer with many of their special things in the foreground.  The feeders for the squirrels and birds that lived in the area, the roses and the rickety fence made from branches that held the bushes back and provided character to the yard.  They are off to new places and new adventures but they have a lovely memory piece to remind them of their life here on the coast. 
This was a really fun picture for me to paint; I love the farmer’s fields especially at this time of year.  The colours were my favourite and even the little touches are the things that I treasure as well.   The deadline was tight as they were leaving soon but things just flew into place and it was done. 
I wish them all the best in their new world with great memories of their life here on the Coast.
Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend and see you next week,

Oct 4, 2013

Our 63 Chevy Impala

63 Chevy Impala - 6.5 x 9.5 - $230 unframed

Well I did it!!  Steve and I dug into our old albums and found a picture of his car - a 63 Chevy Impala!!  He had just washed it and taken a picture of it before we went out on a date.  Lots of memories there!  The original car was all white but his good friend Brian, painted it metallic green and later put a black vinyl roof on it.  I have drawn it without the vinyl roof as that was my first memories.

Once again I have been working with ink and coloured pencils.  I tried using Illustration board this time but I will go back to my Bristol vellum.  I did not like the way the ink lines show in the shadows when I used the coloured pencil.  It does give it an interesting texture for the ground but sometimes it was very hard to work with inside the car.  Now that I have found a way to draw Classic Cars I am anxious to dig into my reference files and get too work!!

If you have a car you would like me to draw let me know, I am happy to do commission work.