Sep 20, 2018

Creations Start with an Idea - Painting & Drawing Tips

Every picture has a story. . . . .

The Mushroom Family - 7 x 5 Sold
It starts with an Idea . . . .

My Mushroom Family - Largest one Dad, next is Mom and then 3 little kids
As you know, my idea of fun is to take a walk on a forested trail.  In early fall a few years ago, we were camped on the Sunshine Coast (South West part of BC).  There had been some rain but once it stopped Rusty and I headed out. (Yes, it was with my old guy that I found them)  On the coast in the fall, certain types of mushrooms are very plentiful.  It is absolutely amazing how quickly a large mushroom will push its way up through the ground.  Clusters seem to appear overnight.

Rusty and I found this great cluster of Mushrooms on our walk.  

He of course was not interested in stopping for pictures. So I returned later with a camera and large mat. I needed the mat as I had to lay on the wet ground to get my shots.  (Did I mention it was on the side of a dirt road. Only a few gave me funny looks.) 

Not sure why those little mushrooms attracted my attention but they did.  They became a little family with a story: Mom, Dad and the two 'good' kids tucked up close and then 'the other one'.  The family's independent thinker, often known as 'the Black Sheep'. 

Once I had the shot, there was sooooo much I wanted to do.

I had an idea.  I was ready to get it percolating.   

For me that means drawing.  For you it could be something totally different.  I like to get to know my subject and to do that I draw.

Getting to know my little family - Graphite
Separated the pieces . . . 
Lonely Mushroom: I loved this: delicate, depth, interesting. - Ink with a touch of  Water Coloured Pencil 

Now I was ready to do things:  different mediums, sizes, scenarios
The Mushroom Family - Loose Watercolour  with ink added after
 Different backgrounds  . . .

The Little People - 4 x 3 Sold

Different colours. . . .

Deep in the Forest - 11 x 14 Sold
Experimenting with a idea/concept gets the ideas flowing.  Seeing my ideas in different ways really changes the perspective.  New things happen.  

I have gone back to these little guys often over the years.  My students love to draw them as well.  No matter what, your drawing always look good. But yet there is lots of opportunity to stretch your skills.

Have you tried taking an Idea and running with it? Did it lead you into new directions? Did you feel the flow of your Creative Juices?

 As you probably noticed my finished pieces have already sold.  Playing with an idea can result in one 'great' piece or may grow into a series. Its all a journey.  It can be quite rewarding to follow.

Have you tried working in a series? Why would you work in a series? Want to discuss it more?  Read more here

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