Jun 3, 2009

Off on a trip

Things will be a little quiet here for a few weeks as my husband and I are off on a trip. We are going to spend the weekend in Toronto, Ontario and then we are off to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland in eastern Canada for a holiday. Enjoy the sunshine and I will have news and sketches when I return.

On the Prowl

The other day I was taking some pictures of my dog, Rusty as he was being chased around the yard by our neighbour's cat. He is a small poodle and is easily intimidated by cats. The cat would not even acknowledge that he was a dog; she was just walking along which caused him to scatter around the yard. I was watching this in my camera and I saw a profile of her flash by. I knew I had a keeper. When I cropped it, there was a square picture, perfect for the square show one of my art clubs is planning. It seems if you try for a square picture it doesn't work, you really have to work with your subject and see what works for it. She was fun to do and I think she turned out great.