Jul 28, 2012


WHO'S THERE - 4.5 x 6.5 - $130 unframed

“WHO’S THERE?”  is another drawing that reminds me not all our days were sunny on our holidays.  Not to take it in a bad way, sometimes it is nice to just curl up read a book, drink hot chocolate and draw.  When you are camping there is no housework calling nor computer work, it really is quite relaxing.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on this picture and I loved “her look”.  
TIDLE POOL - 4.5 X 6.5 - $130 unframed
When the sun was out I was back at it, I settled into another spot along the beach and painted “TIDLE POOL” in my more conventional way.  Don’t get me wrong I do love this picture and I really like what I accomplished in the sky and the shoreline but I had the urge to do something different.  That night I put colour on my paper – Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine and just pushed it around.  The next day I went back to the same area and drew my picture.  Then came hours of work: lifting, looking, dabbing and using a bit of white charcoal to finish it up.  A really challenging picture and one I was ready to give up on so many times but then a new idea would spring to mine and I was back at it.  Certainly a lot of fun!

EVENING WATERS - 4.5 x 6.5 - $130 unframed
Caught up on things and ready to start new projects , have a great day and good luck on your summer projects.
As always all works are available in matted prints for as low as $7.00.

Jul 23, 2012



WIND OFF THE POINT - 4.5 X 6.5 - $130 unframed
Back from Texada Island and quiet days painting on the beach, watching the deer wonder in the field, eagles screeching overhead, and sun shining on the water.  How can it be over??  Needless to say we had a great time, Steve got his fill of seafood: crabs, oysters and clams and Rusty enjoyed his usual quiet days and nights.  He wasn’t that thrilled at being out in the boat but he sure wasn’t going to be left behind! It was a good relaxing holiday.
DRIFTWOOD VIEW - 4 X 3 - $110 unframed
Painting was of course one of my activities most days and I completed several small works.  “Wind Off the Point” was an early piece when the weather was cold and often wet.  The skies were unsettled; black, blue, gray and changing.  The winds were blowing from the south and it was not a good time for boating.  “Driftwood View” was another cold day, I settled down among the logs, tried to get out of the wind and worked away.  When the rains came I retreated to the trailer and worked on my graphite.  “Summer Sun” was a great way to spend those days. 
SUMMER SUN - 3 X 4 $110 unframed
Still catching up on things so I will post more in the next few days.  Have a great day and enjoy the summer days, they go by too quickly.
All works are available in matted prints for as low as $7.00

Jul 4, 2012

Hi from Texada Island

NEW WORKS FROM THE STUDIO OF ART BY WENDY We are camping on Texada Island, just off the coast of BC near Powell River. I wanted to share some pictures but not sure how to do that yet with the iPod. We are right on the water, there are several eagles around, they must have a nest close by. We watch the daily play between them and the smaller birds as they try and keep them away from their nests. It is amazing how a few small birds can pin the eagle to the bank and drive him away, he is squawking and squealing the whole time. Of course I am painting every day, there is so much to choose from for subjects iwillhave lots to share when I can.