Nov 21, 2011

Ready for the Show


READY FOR THE SHOW - 10.5 x 14.5 - Available

The snow is covering the ground, just a light coat, but snow none the less and Christmas is in the air.  It seems like a long ago time that I captured my reference material in May for this picture.  At that time we were in Fort Langley watching the May 24th parade and looking forward to the warm days of summer.  There were a number of horses in the parade and I was itching to work with horses and looking for ideas.   The parade got held up, as parades do, and this group was standing ready to move.  The horses on the right were patiently waiting but not the other one.  He and his rider seemed to be ready and wanting to move out.  Like me, anxious to move forward and sometime forgetting to enjoy the moment at hand.  This picture was a good reminder to me that this holiday I am going to try and be like those horses and enjoy the moment.  I hope your holiday preparations are going well and things are in order for a good Christmas holiday.

Nov 13, 2011

A Visit to Hemlock Printers

This past week I went on an awesome tour with a small group to artists to Hemlock Printers in Burnaby, BC.  I have never really understood everything that can and is done to produce giclee. The manager Peter Madliger for the digital graphic arts section was wonderful to take us on a tour of the facility and answer all of our questions.  The artist that arranged it for us Lalita Hamill took a picture which we saw photographed and taken through most of the process.  (I say most, as they only did the first print and there were still things to be done in colour matching to make it match the original.)  I really wanted to thank them again for taking the time to walk us through the whole process. 

Photographing the Work

Talking about inks and colours for off set printing and digital printing
Adjusting Colours and comparing to originals 

Lalita's Originial with the first print

I did learn a few things that may be of interest if you plan to produce giclees:  if the piece has lots of texture it is better to photograph it than take a digital shot (digital shots will flatten the picture);  oils should be photographed without the final glaze and without the frame.  After it is glazed then do the colour matching; prints on paper last longer than those on canvas; canvas giclees need to be treated with a UV coating; the  process has a good rub factor and so will not damage easily; they are usually finished in a Luster or Gloss finish, matt is seldom used; a good place will keep a printer’s proof so they can colour match on later orders; the “wrapped” part of the canvas is handled differently by different printers, some will use a mirror image to cover the space, some will just put it on smaller bars and at Hemlock they continue the picture around the corner taking information from the main picture; of course the big cost is the initial scan and colour proofing so their minimum order is 5 prints of a picture.  One final note was taking the tour with a group was good because there was a good variety of questions asked which helped us all learn. 

Nov 7, 2011

Off The Point


OFF THE POINT - 2 X 2 - Sold
Well as the rains set in I have been reliving our summer trip to Texada Island working on this little picture. The island is one of our regular camping places and I have painted many different pictures from the area.  This was one of my favourite places to sit and just watch the world go by.  Off the shores of that little island in the distance we have had several adventures jigging for cod.  Not the least was fighting with a seal as I brought my fish in, he won, I had a big hunk taken out of my fish when I landed it!!
 I am enjoying playing with different sizes and shapes with my miniatures and right now I am into the square format.  Since I started cutting my own mats I can’t believe the freedom it has given me.
(Sorry this one is already sold, it was gone almost as soon as it was done.)

Nov 3, 2011

Dinner For One


DINNER FOR ONE - 5 x 7  Available
Pansies have been my life for a while maybe I am having separations anxieties with summer, who knows.  I wanted to present this one a little differently so I introduced my little hummingbird.  When we were camped on Texada Island in July we saw lots of these little guys buzzing around the bird feeder.  Several campers had feeders up as well, there were so many around.  I had no idea that they chattered and chittered so much and you wouldn’t believe how territorial they are!  This little guy would certainly be dining alone. 
On Tuesday, Nov 1, I  hung the show Art With An Attitude with Becky McMahon and Brenda Hill  My pansies made a nice little grouping on one of the walls.  The show is at Newton Cultural Center, 13530 72 Ave. Surrey.  The reception is this Sat, Nov 5, 1-5pm and this Sun. Nov 6, 1-3pm I will be doing a demo there on “Drawing Animals in Graphite”.  If you live in the area come on by,  I would love to share my art with you.