Jul 5, 2018

Painting my BIG watercolour PROJECT - Painting & Drawing Tips


Plans are Ready and I am set to PAINT.
My practice Pictures - TWO ON A BARREL & PERCHED ON A BARREL,,, - watercolour mounted on wood panel, 4.5 x 6.5
Available at my Etsy Store

First the fine points:

Theme: Joy of Life - Vinoscenti Vineyards Three Seasons Art Competition
(Not sure what this is all about, check out my earlier post Try a REAL Painting Challenge)

My Plan 

Working Title: A Boy and His Dog  (Certainly open for ideas of a title, I feel a little stalled on this part)

My thoughts: I listed things that meant Joy of Life to me: summer, sunshine, nature, animals, children (this one is definitely high on the list as many of you know we now have two new grandchildren, twins, a little boy and a little girl), hiking, golfing, camping, . . .  There was a lot of overlap once I looked at things.  Putting it together, I decided to paint my grandson with Max, intently playing, sitting on the grass in the sunny vineyard.  So many things there to make me feel happy and the Joy of Life.

What would you paint for this theme?  Makes you really think, eh?

But wait.  There were still a few mysteries I hadn’t solved before hitting the bricks.  I still had a few nagging doubts about how the watercolour would perform when it was glued to the wood panel.  I tried to tell myself I wasn’t procrastinating and I am really not a chicken but rather it was important to do a test run.  I took out that little wood cradle I mounted first and started splashing wet colour on it.     Cadmium Orange and Winsor Blue. 
PERCHED ON A BARREL - playing with washes. I noted right away it takes a lot longer for 300 lb paper mounted on board to dry.  Slows me down when I want to layer things.  

Once the paint was dry, well of course I had to draw on it.  Little “Perched on a Barrel” was born.  I thought about doing another to go with it.  They would make a great pair.  Now you know,  I was really on the road to procrastination. Funny how that little thing called confidence can slow you down.  Ok, I admit it.  I painted the other one, "Two on a Barrel".  But I must admitt there were several benefits.  I loved these two little pieces, I learned more about my paper, and I now had practice pieces for the Matte Varnish I wanted to try.  
TWO ON A BARREL - 6 layers of Matte Varnish and a light layer of Fixative.  I do like the Matt Finish better.  The watercolour shows well in its true form.  The Gloss Finish I used before makes it almost like an Acrylic Want'a be.  

Flushed with success, I transferred my drawing on the paper, grabbed brushes and sprayers and jumped in. 
Drew my picture out then transferred it onto the paper.  Slow process but helps me learn more about my drawing.  I am also planning my strategy to proceed.  Decided I will definitely use Frisket on the Shirt Stripes as they are an important part of  my little boy. 

OMG!! Why did I hesitate?
This was an INTOXICATING Moment!  Covering up all that white space - really made me feel like this was doable.  Used all my colours to 'suggest' my background.  I will pull things out later.  

Once that paint started to spread, I was hooked.  I just wanted to paint.  What do you mean I have to stop to take progress pictures.  Max needs a walk.  I don’t want to stop. I just want to paint.  

But stop I must. . . .

For one thing, I have to wait for paint to dry.  This was something I found out doing my little practise piece.  Once the paper gets wet it takes quite a while to dry.  That is good when you want soft edges but when I am trying to glaze it is a problem.  The layer underneath has to be dry before I can move on.  I am no a ‘hair dryer’ person.  I like my paint to settle and dry on its own. 
Working on my little boy now.  I started with the toy so I could feel how my paint was going to work.  Really like what is happening.  Tried to pull out a few leaves and grapes in the background.  Not too happy with them.

Another reason I have to stop is ‘I am not allowed to pull an all nighter and finish it off’.  Not sure if one ‘all nighter’would do it anyway.  It would probably take several.  But at any rate, I must have a Picture in Progress for the Progress Party, July 20 at Vinoscenti Winery, 15560 Colebrook Rd, Surrey. 

Stopping Here!  Love my little boy, don't want to rush his face so will leave it till after.  Tried larger grapes and pulled out a few more leaves.  I am way happier with them now. 

So this is as far as I will go, for now.    If you are in the area, stop by at the Winery on July 20, all 15 pictures will be on display from 1-5pm - all Works in Progress.  

Have you set a deadline for your Big Project?  Believe me, nothing gets you moving faster than a deadline.  Good luck with your project.  

Since my picture is now on hold, it is a good time to take a summer break, see you in a few weeks.  

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