Oct 22, 2013

A Weekend with Stan


No, Steve and I are still together but I just spent 3 days painting with Stan Miller!! 
Stan with the first demo, wet into wet.  It was amazing to watch it come to life.

 It was an exciting, exhausting, truly amazing time.  I found out that I really could paint DARK with watercolour and light and I could blend in between.  We talked a lot about design and things started to click a bit more for me and we painted, listened, watched and talked.  It was wonderful to be totally immersed in painting and trying new things.  Stan is a very pleasant man to work with and has lots of interesting chatter to go with his presentations.  He painted a couple of interesting pieces for us and showed us how to work with egg tempera, something that I have always wondered about.   
 Here are my two landscapes.  They have simple shapes but don't they jump off the page!

My two portraits. This was a new area for me and I was really pleased at the results.  As you can see, we worked a lot on values.  I found that it really is true, if the value is right you can work in any colour scheme and things flow.
Have a great day. 
To see some of Stan Miller’s work www.stanmiller.net

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Katherine Thomas said...

The portraits are awesome! I think you've found a new avenue there for yourself. I can't wait to see more!