Dec 13, 2013

Stellar Jay

Stellar Jay - 11 x 14 - matted, unframed $230

Isn't he great??

I was going to call him a "Jay with an Attitude" but felt that was unfair.  Jays are lovely, hard working birds on the go all the time.  A pair of them has been busy working on our hazelnut bush sneaking away with all the nuts.  I didn't realize that it was producing any until I saw one of them scooting off with a nut in his beak!!  Here I thought I was so lucky to have two of them hanging out in our front yard, chattering with the squirrels and flittering about.  I must admit I really enjoyed their company and I if the price to pay was our hazelnuts that's okay too.  But I would have loved to have seen a few of them on the branches!
Things are getting very busy now with all the holiday hustle and bustle. Organizing the last Christmas show of the season, advertising for winter workshops, preparing the last of Christmas commissions are just few of Art by Wendy's jobs right now.  It is all lots of fun but things like a snow day can really but a wrench in the works.  I hope all your Christmas jobs are getting done and as my daughter keeps reminding me "you are doing this because you love it so have fun on the way!"  So far I am on track, hope you are too!
Have a great day.

As always if you wish to buy any of my work or register for workshops just  Contact Wendy.  Gift certificates are available and make lovely Christmas Gifts.
Have a good day.

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