Apr 26, 2010

Coffee Break

Yes, this is another picture in my Agassiz-Harrison Museum series. I just loved the old office set up they had for the station master and particularly the old typewriter. I must admit it was a challenge to draw – Do you know how many keys there are on that keyboard!! But it was fun and something I wanted to do as soon as I saw it. I deliberately left it to the last as I was afraid my enthusiasm for the project would not be the same once that picture was done. I have just finished the picture but I am not finished tweaking it yet. I am a little disappointed with the glass of the lamp. I think it may need to be darkened a bit just so it stands out better. Sometimes things look better or worse when you see them scanned and in this case I feel something is missing there. Over all I am quite pleased with it and I just love the old typewriter, it has so much personality. If you are ever in Agassiz you should stop at their museum, can't miss it as it is in the center of town, it is open from the May long weekend to the middle of October.

Apr 19, 2010

Great News

I just got word that two of my pictures On the Prowl and Breakfast Break have been picked for the artSpacific 2010 juried exhibition. As you know I just finished Breakfast Break a few weeks ago and I was so pleased with it that at the last minute I thought I would enter it in this show. It was a wonderful surprise to get my notice that it had been picked. My picture On the Prowl has been an interesting picture for me as I hardly ever work with a square shape canvas. I like what happens to the flow in this piece. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the eyes of the cat but then there is a real adventure as the values move you through the piece. Even though both of the pictures are small, 3 x 4 and 6 x6, I find they really invite the viewer to stay awhile and check them out.

ArtSpacific will be running May 3 to May 26 at the Firehall Centre for the Arts 11489 84 Ave. Delta, with the reception being Monday, May 3, 7-9:30pm.

Apr 8, 2010

Agassiz – Harrison Museum

I am back on track with one of my winter projects, the Agassiz-Harrison Museum, a small train station and museum located in Pioneer Park in Agassiz, BC. This is at the east end of the Fraser Valley in a very picturesque farm community. I had talked with the museum society last summer about doing some pictures of the building and other things on the site for a series of art cards and memo pads.
The building, my second picture in the series, is the original station built in 1893 and was once a fully-operation station complete with the station master living on the site. I decided to do the station itself in ink as to me somehow old building have to be in ink. I added a few items from the museum to the front to give it a little pizzazz. The picture I did for Christmas, "Home for the Holidays" on a December blog, is also part of this series. The third picture "Coffee Break" is coming up next.