Nov 24, 2014

Have you had a "fight to the finish"?


 You Begin,

Then Retreat!

Move forward again

Step Back!

and Battle On!

Mine started very innocently.  I was excited, I had a wonderful photo  of two little House Sparrows perched on a bird house from my trip to  Kilby Historical Site at Harrison Mills. I had great plans for the painting and I even had a title ready to go!

My plan: a square painting; the view on an angle; use the shingle line to lead to my focal point. I was ready!

My colours were mixed and I started to work. The shingles were fun to paint, I incorporated all my main colours into them, made them interesting and I felt they seemed to have a bit of life to them. That's when the trouble started!

My shadow colour killed my shingles!  

I fought back - switched to a purple black.  My shingles started to breath again.  I glazed them with Quin Burnt Orange, then again. Things were looking bleak.  I advanced - I painted the birdhouse!  My husband came by "those colours look funny" he commented. 

Definitely Time to Retreat!

I grabbed my colour theory books, I read, I experimented. 
I glazed and lifted. 
We battled!

Finally we collapsed, the colours were working
my picture had come to life!!

I relaxed and started to move on. But wait, a final skirmish! at the Framing Table!
The shape didn't work, the square was out.

I cropped!

"House Hunting" was born!
House Hunting - 4.5 x 6.5 - Watercolour

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Nov 15, 2014

Visitors come to visit, but should they stay for days??


It's great to have Visitors!

They change things up!

They renew friendships!

But what happens when they stay for DAYS!!

Just Arrived - Watercolour - 3.5 x 5.5   Available

This little Dark-eyed Junco just arrived the other day at our feeder.  He will stay till spring. Not sure where he was all summer but his arrival signals change!  Sure enough, we were enjoying an endless summer, suddenly wind storms, rain, deep cold and winter is here!!

But this little visitor is not like the smelly fish that Martha Stewart talks about in Visitor Etiquette.  The one you hope will leave after a few days. He is a welcomed friend. He brings life to our gray, bare trees on a drab winter day!

I wanted to capture the colours just at the moment of change with my Junco.  The reds and golds are everywhere but still that sense of summer green is in the air.  "JUST ARRIVED" seems to fit the bill!

Special Update:
Our Stellar Jay (see last post)  gave me a real surprise yesterday.  I was working in my studio when there came a tap on my patio door.  There was my jay, with his friend and a squirrel looking back at me!!

Christmas Show:
Thursday, Nov 20-Sunday, Nov. 23, 10-4pm daily, GardenWorks at Mandeville, 4746 Marine Dr., Burnaby.  
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See you there!!

Nov 6, 2014

Bold as Brass - Animal Artistry comes Alive


What fun!!
We have been adopted!!
Yes, this little stellar jay has adopted us!

Isn't he a beauty!

Has some great poses!

Loves to sit for a picture!!

Well we have encouraged him, just a bit!!

This little jay came to our feeder just a few days ago and seems to have put us on his daily route.  Each morning he comes around, checks the feeder and to see what's happening, chasing all the little birds off to the trees.  I decided to throw him some of the peanuts that we  had ready for squirrel treats.  He was very pleased and of course came back for more.  I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots. 
 I needn't have hurried!

He was prepared to do lots of tricks as long as the peanuts kept coming!!

Not sure where he put them, as he flew away and was back in minutes. I was happy to get my shots and ready to move on.  He wasn't!! He had lots to say when I stopped. Since then he arrives like clockwork each day looking for a treat, even coming up to the patio door to see what's keeping us.  A very bold little guy!!  

Of course I had to paint him!!

Bold as Brass - Watercolour - 5.5 x 4.5 Available

I love the character of these birds.  They are bold as brass at the campsite, coming right up to the table to check for scraps.  Poor Rusty, our dog, has often lost his dinner to their quick action at meal times.  They have no qualms at standing close by, studying the action, waiting for the moment and grabbing their reward.  We see them often when we are camping,  it brings back those summer memories to see them here at home. 
Have a great day,