Sep 5, 2013

Cruising Along in the Old Model A

 1928 Model A Ford - 11 x 14 matted $230

Have you been to the Cruising Weekend in Langley? 

It happens on Saturday, Sept 7; its a sight to see. They block off 7 or 8 blocks around the Douglas Park area and fill the streets with old cars.  It is an amazing, I know of have seen a few shows here and there but this is BIG!!  There are all makes and sizes and years.  Last year I saw one from 1908; so who knows how old the oldest will be this year.  The only disappointment; they consider a 63 Impala, a collector car.  I remember dating Steve when he had that car!!!

 Baby Bird - 55-57 Thunderbird - 11 x 14 matted $230

I have been taking pictures of old cars for years but never sure how I wanted to develop them.  I felt ink had to be involved as old machinery seems to "cry out to me" for it but I wasn't happy with my value range.  I tried this combo of ink with coloured pencil and I love it!!  "Cruising Along" came to life and was quickly followed by "Baby Bird".   Plans are in the works for more. If you have a car you would like me to draw, just drop me a line. Car portraits are lots of fun. Once the picture is drawn, I can make you a few cards to go with it.
When you are at the Crusing Show, don't forget to visit the Langley Arts Council Gallery (20550 Fraser Hwy)  to see our Show and my studio space. (Both pictures are part of the show)

Special Note: I originally called my 1928 Model Ford as a T Model but I have been corrected by several car buffs that it is an A and in fact might be a Ford Victoria.  I have been learning quite a bit since I drew these cars and it makes me want to do more!


Cheryl Quist said...

Wendy, I love the old cars...nice job!

Brenda Hill said...

Love the old model T

Studio at the Farm said...

ACK!!! I missed it!!! But I like the cars you've done. :)

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

That's girls, drawing old cars is fun, they have such interesting lines and creating all the shadows and shines really seems to make them so much more alive.