Jul 6, 2014

Not All Cows are created Equal!!!


Do all cows look the same to you?
I know, some are brown, black, white or a mixture.
Some are big and small, young and old and have horns but really. . . .
they all do look the same! 
But then along came Hermie!!

Hermie - 12 x 16 - Graphite - Commission

She was my latest commission and quite an adventure to draw. 

 To begin with she is the size of a large bull!!  And she lives out in a big field with other cows.  No standing at the fence to take her reference pictures!!  It was a nice sunny afternoon, perfect for picture taking when we did her photo shoot.  I climbed into the back of a pickup truck, balanced on a bale of  hay and bounced up and down as we drove out into the field.  Let me tell you, those rolling fields you see from the road are not as level as you think!!
I felt pretty safe in the truck until we got close to the cows, then I realized how big they really were. Several of them began milling around the truck and poking their head over the side of the truck.  Bob, the owner said to stay put.  Believe me, I wasn't going to do anything else!!
Suddenly the cows moved apart and Hermie came walking up.  She is a particular friend of Bob's and came over to see him.  He threw hay out to distract the other cows and then began to work with Hermie.  The goal was to get her in this stance for her picture.  As he manuvered, I clicked away, from the back of the truck of course!!
 As you can tell we got some great reference pictures.  Both Bob and I are really pleased with Hermie's drawing.
I love doing commission work as it always offers such neat drawing challenges but Hermie's commission was more!!
Have a great day