Aug 30, 2013

Value & Colour Come to Life!! - Show at Langley Gallery & Art Center

Stripes III, Acrylic, 12 x 12, $295 Framed by Audrey Bakewell
Have you thought of paints as just flat colour on paper? 
Audrey Bakewell and I have put together a show to change your mind.  We both love to work with values and colour weaving lights and darks to create our work. Yes, at first it lacks life as we design, build and layer.  Then suddenly it comes alive!!  Horses, birds, flowers, and trees; whatever catches our eye.  Our show will feature a great selection of values and colours working together bringing life to the page.  Come and check it out.
Show Details:  Value & Colour Come to Life - Sept 1-30, 2013, Langley Gallery & Art Center, 20550 Fraser Hwy, Langley. Upstairs Gallery.  Viewing Hours Mon-Sat 10-4pm.  Special hours for the last 2 weekends of Sept. 21/22 & 28/29, both Saturday and Sunday, open 10-5pm.
Audrey and I will be in attendance for both of the Special Weekends at the end of Sept.
Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island, BC - Matted 14 x 18 - $330

Aug 25, 2013

Reflections and Arbutus Splendor on the West Coast of Canada


A few more pictures from Texada Island - Yes, I really had fun painting there!!

Reflections, West Coast of Canada - 6.5 x 10 - $230 unframed

What colour is the ocean?  Many colours I found out this summer: deep indigo when the sky is cloudy and threatening, shades of icy blue when the sun is shining and glassy gray when the air is still.  The reflections of the island change the water even more; greens, golds and violets as the sun begins to drop.  Everything seems to glow with colour. 

"Reflections, West Coast Canada" and "Arbutus Splendor, West Coast Canada" are a more southern view from our camp grounds looking over Moat Bay and of course the Coastal Mountains of Vancouver Island in the distance.  We had had several windless days and everyone was out with their kayaks and boats.  There was a large group of seals hanging out at those islands off the point and we often saw a mother taking her baby out for a swim.  I got some great pictures of them resting on the rocks, you just know they will be my next drawing, hopefully by late Sept!

Arbutus Splendor, West Coast of Canada - 6.8 x 8 - $220 unframed

This is a closer view of the shoreline on Dick Island.  There are gorgeous  large arbutus trees hanging out over the water and when the tide is out, it is a beautiful walk way.  Rusty and I spent lots of time wondering around those rocks and along the beach.  He wasn't so happy with the 'water' part though and  stayed on the sand when I walked in the water!

Aug 19, 2013

Driftwood Island, Canadian West Coast

More from our Texada Island Trip
Driftwood Island, Canadian West Coast - 2 x 4.8 - $85
Have you noticed how the shoreline comes alive when the tide is out?  That is when the shore birds appear, as they begin to look for bits and pieces left behind with the tide.  It is also when the rugged rocks, covered with barnacles, sea-life and muscles begin to emerge.  This little reef usually buried under several feet of water was high and dry and full of life. 
We had been out exploring the island when we found an overgrown road leading down to the water.  We followed it until it became a small trail; what a great surprise when we emerged at the water's edge.  Of course I had to paint!!  As I worked away the tide came in and slowly the reef began to disappear.  There was some driftwood on the highest part that was going to be safe for awhile; the tides are low for the next few weeks so unless the winds pick up it should stay high and dry for now.
As always all my work is available in cards and prints starting at $3.25 for cards.
Have a great day and yes I have more pictures to show you, I just have to get them set up.

Aug 15, 2013

Sunshine on Dick Island, Texada Island, BC


First Picture from our Trip to Texada Island

Sunshine on Dick Island, Texada Island, BC - 4.5 x 6.5 - $130
Do you find it rejuvenating to look at the water? I love to sit and look out at the ocean.  It is always changing and certainly not always blue!!  You will notice that I was experimenting with different blues.  I do love Ultra Marine with a little Burnt Sienna to give that feeling of distant mountains but this time I tried Phalo Blue.  It gave a lovely glow to everything and also an old English country feel.  It must have been one of their standby colours in the old days. 
This is one of my favourite views from Shelter Point, Dick Island to the left and the Coastal Mountains on Vancouver Island in the distant.  Notice the Forbidden Plateau Glacier is in this area of the mountain range as we are almost directly east of it.  The Glacier looks down on the Comox Valley where both Steve and I grow up.  Yes, the water was that calm.  We had many days when the wind was silent and the water was just like glass. 
As always cards and prints are available for all my pictures starting at $3.25 for a card.
Have a good day and more of my holiday pictures on my next post.

Aug 7, 2013

Back from a Successful Painting Holiday


This summer we headed up to our favourite spot, Texada Island and the Sunshine Coast, on the West Coast of Canada.  The weather was great, the scenery was fantastic and our little adventures were many. 

Yes, our little boater had a good holiday.  As many of you know he had some pretty major surgery in June and we weren't sure how it would turn out.  But he had a good trip and is ready to celebrate his 17th birthday tomorrow, Aug 8.
Steve with his Crab Trap
He had a wonderful time, he loves to get out on the water and play around, crabbing is one of his things.  13 in this trap but only 1 keeper - enough for us to enjoy!

Rusty and I go along for the ride and enjoy the scenery
Me painting - Oh I had a wonderful time painting, drawing and trying new things.  Some things turned out great but I must admit there were a few things that, well let's remember they were an experiment!!  I will share some of my pictures with my next few posts.
Have a great day and enjoy our sunshine.

Aug 1, 2013

The Changing Tide - Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

The Changing Tide - Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island, BC - 10.5 x 15 in.  $500Unframed

To residences in the Mid-Vancouver Island area,  Miracle Beach is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year; lovely warm waters for swimming and beautiful sandy beaches that seem to stretch out for miles.  As kids a trip to the beach was always an exciting adventure.  The campsite at Miracle Beach is large and very popular in the summer and we often stop there when we are headed up island.  There are deer in the area and last year in the Spring I saw 3 of them wading in the water while the tide was out. It was really neat!  I love those little brushes with nature. 
Enjoy the view and if you are heading north of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, take some time to visit the area.
Have a great day,