Jul 25, 2019

Painting & Drawing on the BEACH - Painting and Drawing Tips


The weather was awesome as I headed out each day to paint on the beach.  Sky - fabulous blue with puffs of white clouds, giving everything that ‘feel good’ feeling.  Sun - shining bright, warm but not not smoking hot.  Tide Out - leaving lots of interesting rocks, shells  and treasures in its place.  Wildlife - seagulls, oyster catchers, heron, crow and even an bald eagle joining me.  

DEER ON THE BEACH - Matted 11 x 14, watercolour & Ink. $225 

So what’s the problem?

Grey . . . .    Washed out Grey.

I love to paint and draw in the forest but there is always a problem - Green.  Here on the beach, the problem is GRAY. 

Grey logs


See what I mean - GREY

Those wonderful knurly logs glistening in the sun.  The rocks peaking out of the water as the tide slowly moves out.  The old piles still standing in the water, from days gone by.  And of course, don’t forget the sand.  Grey, Grey Grey.  Not even a dark or light grey, a washed out grey.  Bleached by that very sun that is making it such a wonderful day. 

The Struggle is Real. . .

Working on the Beach

You know what it is like. You have been there too, I’m sure. 

This summer I decided to face the challenge head on. 

SEAGULL: CATCHING SOME SUN - Matted 11 x 14, watercolour & Ink $225 

Seagull: Catching some Sun was my first challenge.  I laid out my logs in ink first.  That felt extremely good.  I decided I wanted a seagull on the log and drew that in.  
Layout for Seagull: Catching some Sun - Logs are ready for my seagull

I painted the log with the seagull. 

Ooooh, so easy.  It was backlit and fairly new so it had colour.  But the other logs were all in the sun and all grey. 

Things I noted:

1.     They had different values.  Subtle but different

2.    The angle of light that hit them caused slight differences in colours

3.    I felt the pull of warm and cold colours- I know they were all in the sun, but I did feel it.

The backlit log is ready now it is time to paint the 'grey' logs

4.    I began to look for things that would give reflected light/colour.  The ‘easy log’ I decided would give a warm glow to the log below.  With the grasses there, there had to be some greens in the logs as well.  Blues from the sky and yellow/oranges from the log. 

5.    Once I started, I realized a hard, cold black would not work for all my darks.  Purples and mauves seemed to work much better. 

Suddenly I had lots of things to put in my logs.  I kept the colours thin and muted, but still very much there.  Wet into wet, thin glazes over top, and even a bit of dry brushing in the end.  The process wasn’t quick.  I kept checking that I had the right warm/cold feel to the colour.  I blotted lots to remove something I didn’t like.  I studied the logs some more.  I waited for paint to dry.  

"Hey, time for a walk"

Suddenly Max nudged me.  Time to go, we had sat there long enough.  He was right. 

Leave it.
Study it.
Come back tomorrow. 

Things will be different. 

ROCKS ON ERICKSON'S BEACH - Matted 8 x 10, watercolour& Ink $130

Do you fight with greyness of the world when you paint?  What moves you forward?  

I felt I had made a real breakthrough into the world of grey this summer.  

Special Note:
Want info on my pallet?  I used my little travel kit for all the paintings More info on it HERE.  

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Plein Air Event at Kilby Historical Site - August 16 -18, 2019

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 On Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, painters will be capturing  breathtaking historic vistas, 1920s farm equipment, historic buildings, lush gardens & orchards, delightful farm animals and surrounding mountains.  Not hard to find something to catch your eye.

This is a fun, outdoor adventure for everyone.  Sunday afternoon, brings live entertainment and awards ceremony.  There is a competitive and non-competitive part to the event, so great prizes for everyone.  Cost $15 Registration: events@kilby.ca  more info: kilby.ca

I have been part of this event since it started 5 years ago and I never get tired of wondering the grounds and finding little vignettes to paint.  I know you will enjoy yourself.

If you decide not to join us to paint, come out and see the fun.  On Friday and Saturday,  Artists are set up all over the grounds working away or come see the 'Showing and Sale' on Sunday.

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