Mar 21, 2012

Home from Yellowknife and Back to the Green

Dave, Me and Cindy having a Snow Picnic
A winter holiday in the Northern Canada is really something for someone like me, living in the warmer south.  I just returned from a short holiday and I must admit I had a great time.  As my brother said, when I arrived I thought -8 C was dam cold and by the end of my trip I was saying that -13 C in the sun was nice!!

Dave with me at the wheel, flying down the lake!!

I saw the Northern Lights, they are just as beautiful as they say, I had my first experiences on a snowmobile flying across a lake (well, when I was driving we weren't really flying but when my brother was we were!!)  and I experienced a snow picnic at -17 C.  I was amazed how warm the sun is when it is shining .  If you were out of the wind it was wonderful.

One of those ptarmigans, they really blend into the snow

I didn't see a lot of wildlife but the ptarmigans were in town and often in sight.  It was funny to all of a sudden see this snowball start moving and even take flight.  When we were out on the lakes and in the bush we saw lots of tracks so you know lots of animals are there.
At the door of the Ice Castle, it had a wooden door!!
Out on Great Slave Lake, it seems to go on forever!!
At the Cabin, Do I look like a pro??

Sunset on the lake, aren't the colours lovely??

Mar 18, 2012

Visiting Yellowknife and Marketing More


Yes, Yellowknife has called me back!  I was there in the summer last year and I heard so much of the winter adventures I had to return and see for myself.  Already it is my last day and time to go home, where did my time go?  I have been out every day, roaring down the lake on a snowmobile, sitting in the sun having a snow picnic (yes a snow picnic) and of course viewing the Northern Lights.  I went Scottish Dancing and I spent all day as part of the safety crew for the FrostBite 45 cross country ski race.  Lots of fun and all at temperatures I could hardly imagine!!
One of the most artist experiences I had (besides the incredible snowscapes) was to run a Marketing Workshop for a couple of artists here in Yellowknife. Shawna and Lynn are moving forward with their art business and we had a great evening working through the Marketing World together.  Having the opportunity to meet with artists in other areas is such an valuable experience.  To see Shawna's work 

I will be home soon and pictures of Yellowknife will soon follow.

Mar 8, 2012

My Short-Eared Owl – WIP

It was crazy! While all the cameras and binoculars were focused on the snowy owls on the Mud Flats this winter, behind us were lots of other birds.As I walked along the dyke I saw this beautiful short eared owl enjoying the rising sun.When I really started to look around I saw there were several of them, swooping down among the grasses and bushes hunting for their prey.This was very exciting for me as it was a major bird sighting, my third owl species.Now that I have been working on my picture I realize I have seen them before in the distances but never realized it. 
My layout, I used frisket to save my foreground pieces

I loved the glow of the rising sun in my picture so I decided to use my watercolours for this project.I know a blue sky is pretty routine but honestly it was one of those cold, crisp winter days and the sky just had to be blue!!
 This is after I poured on some watercolour and then did a bit of shaping. 
Frisket is off and I started work on my foreground first to get a feel for my colours.  That and the fact I lost most of my pencil drawing when I removed the frisket so I had to redraw things!!

An exciting side note, my tulips, “Singled Out” from my last post has been accepted in the Federation of Canadian Artists juried show “Blossoms” and will be at their Granville Island Gallery from April 3-15.