Apr 29, 2013

Workshop Weekend a Great Success!!


Hard at Work - Ideas were flying every where!!
WOW!! Can a weekend go faster!! We had a fabulous time working with our journals on Saturday and outside painting on Sunday. On Saturday it poured but who cared, we were busy creating pages for our journals and learning about new products and techniques.
 For Sunday,  the weather was calling for rain (they had been telling us that all week) but on the big day the sun came out just long enough for us to get out there and get to work.  Audrey and I were kept hopping, keeping everyone busy; we had trouble getting them to stop for lunch!
When we threaten to take their water away they finally came in!!
One of our Galleries
Show and Tell
Everyone had fun and we learned a lot too.  For Audrey and I it was our first joint workshop and we will certainly do more.  

Apr 17, 2013

Journaling for Travel and Life is Fun!

Have you ever been traveling and wanted to save those memories? Do you like to journal your thoughts and feelings? Scrapbook? Just paint or draw for fun?  Whether you capture a moment or make it part of your daily life, journaling is a great way to release those creative juices. I guarantee that trying some of this stuff will really put new excitement into your create voice!!

I have always journaled in my own humble way on all our travels, taking my book and sometimes filling it and other times not.  But it has always been a part of me.  As preparation for this workshop I went to workshops on journaling and read a few books; I have learned tons of new and interesting things.  A whole new world has opened up for me and I am really excited to share it with others.  When you experiment in your journal it doesn't feel "real" and so you have that sense of freedom to try new things.

 My 'oyster page' was one of those experiments.  I did some drawing and a bit of painting and then I decided to try the molding paste, just to see what would happen.  I was really excited with the results and my picture "Romancing the Rose" came out of that.

On April 27 & 28, Audrey Bakewell and myself will be offering a weekend of journaling. On Saturday we will be focused on the journals themselves and then Sunday the focus is Plein Air painting, either for your journal or just to paint.  Pre-registration is required so drop me a line or give me a call. If you can't make this weekend let  me know your interested as I will definitely do more! It is just way too much fun!! (See my website for contact info www.artbywendy.com)

Apr 12, 2013

Romancing the Rose

ROMANCING THE ROSE - 7.5 x 10 -  Watercolour - $300 Framed

Are roses one of your favourite flowers?  They are mine; peach, red, pink, white or yellow, they all have their own special look.  They are so much fun to draw and paint because of their lovely contrast of billowing folds and sharp lines.  And of course no two are the same. 
My rose, is one inspired by the roses in my garden, no I don’t have an amazing rose garden, just a few roses that have learned to live with me.  We do well together.  Take a closer look at my flower, it will fool you.  It has the look of an impasto oil put it is watercolour!!  Enjoy.
As always cards and prints are available for all my pictures starting at $3.50 for cards.

Apr 3, 2013

The Little Dancer

THE LITTLE DANCER - 10 X 14 - Watercolor - $600 Framed
Have you ever been to a dance recital with young dancers? We went to many over the years with our daughter who loved to dance.  She tried jazz, tap and rhythmic gymnastics and enjoyed them all.  It is so much fun to watch the young dancers, full of enthusiasm, loving every moment and moving in their own way.  Of course the older dancers have lots of polish and pazazz but the young ones have that freedom and liveliness that can only be found in the new dancer.  I was really trying to capture that spirit with this painting of my young dancer with her tap group.
My painting is off to the “Just Dance” show at the Newton Cultural Center, 13530 72nd Ave, Surrey.  The show opens today, April 3 and runs to April 30.  Gallery is open 7 days a week 10-4pm.  The show is in celebration to the Dance Festivals that happen every April in Surrey at the Surrey Arts Center.  There are daily dance recitals as all the groups take part in this month long major competition.  Check out the art show and the festival, they are just down the street from each other.
As always cards and prints are available of all my work, starting at $3.50 for cards.