Nov 28, 2012

The Nuthatch

THE NUTHATCH -  graphite, 4.5 x 5.5 - $130 unframed

On this dark dreary day this little nuthatch provided me with some sunshine.  He (could be a she) was hopping from tree to tree in the backyard a few weeks ago and I patiently followed him with my camera.  It is incredible how fast these little guys flit and flirt from tree to tree.  I was madly clicking away in that wonderful setting that lets you take fast action pictures and hoping to catch a few good shots.  I was pleased to capture this one, the classic Nuthatch look, standing upside down on the side of the tree looking out at the world.  The light was good and his colours really stood out.  He has now joined my growing collection of visitors to our backyard feeder. 
My little Nuthatch along with quite a few of my other birds will be part of the show next week; Paints n' Blooms,  Friday, Dec 7 and Saturday, Dec 8, 10-4pm. at West Coast Garden Center, 1420 172 St. South Surrey.  Myself and Audrey Bakewell are the featured artists.  The show is in support of the Alzheimer Society of BC.  We will have free art demos on Friday, Dec 7 - 11:00 Bringing Animals to Life in Graphite with Wendy Mould and 1:30pm Painting on Yupo Paper with Watercolour with Audrey Bakewell.  On Sat. Dec 8,  11-2pm there will be a  Volunteer Facilitator from the Alzheimer Society of BC with information and support on the Society's Education Series and Support Groups.  Come join us.  If you miss the show don't miss the poinsettia show at the Garden Center, last year they had 60,000 plants and this year's display will be just as spectacular!
As usual cards and prints are available of all my work starting at $3.50.

Nov 22, 2012

Having Fun in the Rain!!


Monday was one of those torrential, dark, rainy days but it turned into a really fun time. Steve, Rusty and I headed out to Agassiz, BC to the Monday Painters Group.   They wanted to learn more about mixing pen and ink work with watercolour.  Instead of seeing gloomy rain we spent the day at the beach!  (Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island where our reference picture was from) We drew driftwood, beach flowers and long wavy grasses.  Our clouds were white and billowy as they rested on the coastal mountains.  We laughed and talked and of course had delicious treats.  It was great fun. 
The Monday Painters group has been going for 52 years.  I know you can’t all join them in Agassiz but I am sure if you search around your area there is probably a group like them.  If there isn’t, then start your own.  It will certainly turn your rainy days into one of joy and fun.
Here are a few of the paintings after all the hard work.


Nov 15, 2012

Down At the Docks

DOWN AT THE DOCKS - 2.5 x 4 in. - $115 unframed

Boats at the dock, reflections in the water, my idea of a fun and challenging project on a rainy day.  Working with Harold Allanson a few weeks ago made me want to dig out my boat pictures and put some of his suggestions to work.   No, I didn't want to use a half-sheet of watercolour paper like he did; I wanted to work in miniature, 2 ½  x 4 in!  Things went well when I laid in the washes and main colours but my troubles started when it came time for the detail.  (I need my detail!)   My miniature liner brush just could not deal with the ropes and other rigging like I wanted it to.  It was time for experimenting.  I tried a variety of things: scratching with an exacto-knife;  painting with my ultra-fine brush;  adding touches with white gouache; and of course pulling out the magnifying glass.  It took all of these techniques to get my rigging up to snuff!
Down on the Docks is off to the Positively Petit Show at the Place des Arts in Coquitlam. The show runs Nov. 15 to Dec 21 with the reception tonight Thursday, Nov. 15, 7-9pm. I will see you there.

As always, cards and prints are available for all my work starting at $3.50.


Nov 8, 2012


ROSEBUD - 2.25 X 3 inches ($90 unframed)

Flowers are definitely on my mind right now.  I have been saying good bye to all the plants in my flower beds as I dig them up and plant my spring bulbs.  It is so hard to do when they are still in bloom and the sun is shining but it is going down to -2 tonight so I know it is time. 
One of the blogs that has been of interest to me lately is Jacqueline Gnott’s.  Her flower pictures have a sense of simplicity but yet the detail is there(you know how I love detail!) and there is lots of drama. All of this interests me a lot.  I wanted to see if I could create my own dramatic flower art only in miniature.  A timely gift of a miniature rose bush from a friend gave me my model and I was off and running.  Rosebud is my first endeavor and to my surprise my husband, Steve likes it.  I think that is a good sign.
Rosebud is off today to the Positively Petit Show at the Place des Arts in Coquitlam.  The show runs Nov. 15 to Dec 21 with the reception on Thursday, Nov. 15, 7-9pm.  I will see you there.

As always, cards and prints are available for all my work starting at $3.50.

Nov 1, 2012

Summer Sunshine

SUMMER SUNSHINE - 3 x 3 -  $90 unframed

Remember that wonderful sunshine we had for weeks on end?  I must admit some of those days were a little too hot for me and I complained, only a little bit but I did! After the last few days of darkness and rain I wish to retract those comments.  Painting Summer Sunshine was my way of getting back that sunshine.  When we were at my girlfriend's place in Nova Scotia in September I took lots of pictures of her black-eyed Susans.  She had beautiful ones in several different colours, they just shone in the sun and welcomed us home from our adventures.  They were wonderful! 

This little miniature is just one of my new pictures on its way to the Positively Petite Show at the Place des Arts in Coquitlam.  The annual show draws miniature artists from all over the Fraser Valley and is always a delight to see.  Each artist may enter up to 8 pieces, no larger than 12 sq inches, so there are lots of what I call 'real' miniatures.  My little sunshine is only 9 sq. inches and as you can see a lot can be painted into a small space.  The show opens Thursday, Nov 15 and the reception is that evening 7-9pm.  It runs until Dec. 21, 2012.  See you there.

As always, cards and prints of any of my pictures are available starting at $3.50.