Nov 29, 2009

Dahlia - WHIPS

Well I thought I would try something new. I don't usually do flowers but after doing the show at the nursery a few weeks ago I thought I would give them a try. My thought was a small tightly cropped picture that I could just whip off as an experiment. First I went to my son's neighbor, as he has lots of beautiful dahlias and took a ton of pictures and then began editing and cropping the pictures. This one really popped out at me on the computer so I decided to give it a try. What a surprise!! There will be no "whipping it off", each petal has to be done individually to really get the textures and values right and I can tell I will be at it for a few days. I have some commission pieces that I should be working on but I will keep whittling away at the petals on the side.

Nov 25, 2009

Button Weight

Yes I have been bitten by the Olympic Spirit here in BC. I have completed a drawing for one of the Winter Sports Shows that will be happening during the Olympics in February 2010 here in Vancouver. I am a curler so it is only natural that I would pick that subject. My daughter very graciously did some posing for me so I could get some 'action shots' of her curling for my drawing. I also borrowed the legs and feet of some of my fellow curlers to complete the picture. My picture is meant to depict a curling event, the broom is calling the shot, the curler it throwing and then the sweepers are moving it into place. It is unusual as it reads from right to left but it seemed to work that way. I am pleased with my picture but feeling that her face needs a little more definition, I will have to study it a bit more.

Nov 16, 2009

Guy is finished

Well Guy is finished and looking great. I am quite pleased with him. I was afraid that his body mass was too big and I tried many things to break it up and get some definition but I found that it had to be subtle as strong definition would not work. As usual I sweated over the highlights in his eyes but finally got them the way I wanted them and so on to the next project.
It took me a few days to post the results as I was having a computer fight with my computer and it definitely won. My computer technician, my son, is coming to the rescue tonight so life will soon be good again. Have a great day.

Nov 10, 2009

Guy is coming along well – WHIPS 3

Things have been very busy lately, I just finished a 4 day show and of course that took all my time and energy so I am a little behind on my other projects. Guy is nearly finished and as you can see he has reached the exciting stage. The end is in sight and things are really starting to work out as I planned. The background that I was complaining about is alive and working well with his portrait. I am still wondering if I need to put a 'bit more' on the right side but I didn't want it to be a straight line so I am trying to be patient and wait until it is done before making that decision. My grass in the front has its first layer but it needs more work and I want to get a little more of a shine on his coat before I call it done. I can feel that I am getting to the picky stage with parts of the picture which is a real sign to me to leave it alone!! If only we listen to our self, I am trying. Well I must get back to work and hopefully I will be able to post the finished picture soon.