Dec 24, 2012

Sunset At the Cabin


SUNSET AT THE CABIN - 10 X 14 - $400 unframed
'Sunset at the Cabin', my Christmas card picture this year is from my trip to Yellowknife last March.  We had driven out over icy lakes and through the bush to get to this cabin.  The plans were to stay the night but the fireplace wasn't working well and we could only get the temperature up to zero, when the sun was shining so we couldn't stay the night. The trail in the snow is the one my brother made out to a hole he had drilled in the ice fpr ice fishing.  We also when off to collect firewood and just enjoyed the day.  It was a wonderful warm, sunny day (well warm for there!!) and a beautiful sunset.  Everything took on that lovely pink glow.  It was a day to remember!!  I hope you have many special days to remember from 2012 and many more to come. Have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Dec 19, 2012

At the Water's Edge

AT THE WATER'S EDGE - 7.5 x 9.5 - $225 unframed

Well we got snow today!!  It was gorgeous to look at on my early morning walk but later when driving to work, not so nice.  It snowed all day so coming home wasn’t much fun, I was glad when I arrived safely.  It is funny though, the snow is very regional,  friends in other parts of the lower mainland had very little but we had  9 or 10 inches and no snowplow in sight!  The rain has started now so who knows what we will have by morning.
 ‘At the Water’s Edge’ was started with a small group of students I have been working with and I must say I really enjoyed finishing it up.  While the snow is outside my thoughts were back in the warm sun on Texada Island, curled up with Rusty reading a good book after a swim in the water.  The tide was coming in and the water had been warm as it washed over the warm sand.  Some small birds were chasing an eagle away from their nests and at one point they had him pinned down on these big rocks.  It really was a great place to be!! 
Well back to snow and our lovely White Christmas, have a good holiday everyone and all the best for the coming year. 

Dec 10, 2012

Paints'n Bloom Christmas Show was Great!


Santa even came to town! (Audrey, Santa and Wendy)
Put Steve to work while we were doing our demos!
Audrey and I had a wonderful time at West Coast Gardens Center with our Christmas show:  lots of people came to see us; the flowers were just amazing; sales were good; the demos went well; and we got a good donation for the Alzheimer’s Society.  It really is an amazing feeling to be in a greenhouse all day, I think the light, the ambiance of all the flowers and I am sure all that oxygen they give off all contribute to making you feel really good.   It was really fun to share information with them.  Here are a few pictures, as you can see paints and blooms really do go well together. 

Great View, eh?!
I know many of you are also doing Christmas Shows, I hope that they are going well and you have as much fun as we did.