Sep 29, 2013

One Show finishes and Another is Starting

Time for the unpacking and getting ready for the next show!!

 Yes, our Show "Value & Colour Comes to Life" is over and so is the Art Studio Tour. It has been a busy month and the last two weekends have been crazy.   With every show I meet lots of new people who experience my art for the first time.  It is great to hear their response.  Here are a few of the comments from the guestbook: Beautiful wet in wet, I love your vibrant colours!; A real eye opener!; and my favourite "Wendy, you have such a great feeling to your watercolours!" 

But like all good things it must come to an end and now I am onto bigger and better things.  Tomorrow we will be hanging a show for my art club "Symphony of Colours & Imagination" at the Semiahmoo Arts in the Park Gallery.  My award winning picture  "Romancing the Rose" and "Poppies in the Springtime" will be in that show.  Both pictures are the result of my adventures into using molding paste with watercolour.  I must admit I haven't had time to do any others with this technique but once things slow down I have a few more projects in mind.
Romancing the Rose - 12 x 16 Framed $310

 Poppies in the Springtime - 20 x 24 - Framed $800
Have a great day and here is a summary of the show information for those local readers.
Summary of Show Information:
Symphony of Colours & Imagination - Surrey's Artswest Fall Show.  semiahmoo Arts in the Park Gallery , 146   North Bluff Rd., White Rock.  Viewing Hrs. Mon - Thurs. 10-4pm.

Sep 25, 2013

More to Come on the Langley Art Studio Tour

That's me with one of my drawing demos during the tour
Weekend One is over but still more to come on the Langley Art Studio Tour.  We will be back at it again all this coming weekend, Sept 28 & 29 - 51 artists, 27 studios and 4 Stops of Interest.  I am at Special Stop of Interest D, which is the Langley Gallery and Art Center.  We had a pretty busy weekend both days despite the heavy rains on Sunday.  What better way to spend a rainy day then wondering from one Artist Studio to another.  You get to see where they work, how they work and works in progress as well as the finished ones.  My only problem with being in the tour is I can't visit the other studios!! 
I have been offering free Drawing Demos during each of the weekends, 11am and 1:30pm each day.  It was very exciting to hear the reaction.  My focus was drawing people using the "Line of Action" and then blocking in the head, chest, and hips.  Following that with blocking in 3 sections for the arms and 3 for the legs.  This creates a shape that has movement and mass which can then be refined as much as needed to put into a painting.  Everyone was amazed at how quickly the movement was captured and when I "dressed' the image by focusing on the darks it really came alive.  It was great to hear the comments "I can't wait to try it".  "It looks so easy." "You really captured the movement".  "Thank you, that has really helped me."  It made for a very rewarding day.
If you want to work with the "Line of Action" check out the YouTube video "A Guide to Gesture Drawing" by Sycra.  It is about 20 minutes long.  He gives lots of great examples using the Line of Action.  I would suggest you have your pencil and paper ready and work along with him.  After you have 'the line of action' he uses more gestures but if you work with the body sections as I suggested you will be amazed at how quickly the body develops.  Good luck with this and have fun.  Let me know if you are having problems and would like a little help or better still come to one of the demos this weekend.

Sep 19, 2013

On the Move Again - Langley Art Studio Tour

Very exciting event this weekend and next, our own Art Studio Tour here in the Valley!!  This will by my 3rd year with the tour and I love having the opportunity to meet and talk with art lovers all day!!
I will be at the Stop of Interest D - Langley Gallery and Arts Center, 20550 Fraser Hwy, where I have my show with Audrey Bakewell happening "Colour and Value Comes to Life" and I have a studio/gallery space.  It  is nice to finally have my own spot for this event. 
As part of the event I will be offering free Demos on tips and techniques for Putting People in Your Paintings.  Many artists are reluctant to add that person to their work but I think using the gesture drawing technique "Line of Action" it can be done in a very successful way.  This is also a great way to develop figurative work.  The demos will run each of the 4 days of the tour so come and join me when you can. 

For Maps and further info on the tour see the website:

Sep 13, 2013

Selling Art With No Fear


Low Tide - 7.5 x 10 - Watercolour, matted $230

Seems like a strange topic for Artists but a very real feeling for many artists!  It is the nature of the beast.  Visual Artists like to work hours on end in their studios creating their masterpieces; pouring their heart and soul into every piece. Then suddenly they are out there!!  To sell, artists need to move out of their lovely quiet studios into the busy world of Marketing.  For many this is very difficult; an artists must sell not only their artwork but themselves as well.  A hard role to play when your heart and soul is sitting there for all to judge!

On Tuesday, Sept 17,  I will be making this presentation to an art group.  With some discussions, games and role playing activities, we will all be building skills to market ourselves and our work with confidence.   I am looking forward to working with this group as I know we will  have some fun and I will learn some new things too!!

Sep 9, 2013

Special Moments


Special Moments - 16 x 20 - Graphite -$500

Have you seen the seals basking in the sun on the rocks? 
As the tide drops, lots of rocky shoreline appears and offers lovely resting spots for the seals.  When we were up at Texada Island, BC,  this summer there was a large number of seals, 'hanging out' along the little coastal islands. In the evening we would see them splashing as they drove the fish into the bay for a quick supper.  When the waters were calm we often saw a mother with her pup, moving it along with her nose.  I thought maybe she was trying to  build up their swimming endurance.  We often saw a group basking in the sun on the rocks when we were out in the boat. 
This pair, mom and pup, were settled nicely on the rocks and gave us a quick look before going back to sleep.  We obviously were not very interesting! I got great reference pictures and I could hardly wait to work on "Special Moments" when we got home.

Special Moments is on view now at my show "Value & Colour Comes to Life" till Sept 30, at the UPSTAIRS GALLERY, Langley Arts Council Residence Gallery, 20550 Fraser Hwy, Langley, open Mon - Sat, 10-5pm.

As always cards and prints are available for any of my work starting at $3.50 for cards.


Sep 5, 2013

Cruising Along in the Old Model A

 1928 Model A Ford - 11 x 14 matted $230

Have you been to the Cruising Weekend in Langley? 

It happens on Saturday, Sept 7; its a sight to see. They block off 7 or 8 blocks around the Douglas Park area and fill the streets with old cars.  It is an amazing, I know of have seen a few shows here and there but this is BIG!!  There are all makes and sizes and years.  Last year I saw one from 1908; so who knows how old the oldest will be this year.  The only disappointment; they consider a 63 Impala, a collector car.  I remember dating Steve when he had that car!!!

 Baby Bird - 55-57 Thunderbird - 11 x 14 matted $230

I have been taking pictures of old cars for years but never sure how I wanted to develop them.  I felt ink had to be involved as old machinery seems to "cry out to me" for it but I wasn't happy with my value range.  I tried this combo of ink with coloured pencil and I love it!!  "Cruising Along" came to life and was quickly followed by "Baby Bird".   Plans are in the works for more. If you have a car you would like me to draw, just drop me a line. Car portraits are lots of fun. Once the picture is drawn, I can make you a few cards to go with it.
When you are at the Crusing Show, don't forget to visit the Langley Arts Council Gallery (20550 Fraser Hwy)  to see our Show and my studio space. (Both pictures are part of the show)

Special Note: I originally called my 1928 Model Ford as a T Model but I have been corrected by several car buffs that it is an A and in fact might be a Ford Victoria.  I have been learning quite a bit since I drew these cars and it makes me want to do more!

Sep 3, 2013

Set Up Day - A Day in the Life of An Artist!!


Yes it is show day!! After weeks of painting, photographing, matting, framing and inventorying our work,  it is time to pack it up and head for the gallery.  Audrey and I have been looking forward to this show for several months and excitement runs high. 
Rusty takes an active part in checking the pictures are ready for packing.  (Really he just wants to know if he gets to come too!! - He doesn't!)

Everything is carried in and spread out.  Where to begin?  Things work well in the planning stage but when you finally have the pictures and the space everything seems different.

Ta Da!! One section done and things are starting to take shape. 

Five hours later and 45 pictures are hung, labeled and looking good.  Signs are in place and we are ready to show. This is a peak, but come in and get the full experience.

"Value & Colour Comes to Life" will be on till Sept 30, Langley Gallery and Arts Center, Upstairs Gallery, 20550 Fraser Hwy, Langley. Featuring artists: Audrey Bakewell and me, Wendy Mould. 
Open Mon to Sat 10-4pm with special hours during the Langley Studio Tour Weekends, Sept 21/22 & 28/29  - 10-5pm. 
 See more of Audrey's work: