Feb 24, 2014

Special Moment!!

The Lady Vanishes Poster - Winner in the Silver Screen Competion
Wendy with the Winning Poster!!
Yes, it is a Winner!! Second Place in the Silver Screen Show!!  I am thrilled.  I know this is bragging a bit but awards don't happen every day, I just had to share!!  
When the show was announced last fall, I must admit that I didn't pay it much attention.  Then one day I thought I would just Google things and see what they were talking about.  I found all this information on Alfred Hitchcock and suddenly an idea began to grow.  I decided to go for it.  It was really outside of my box in terms of size and subject matter but it turned out to be a really fun project that I really enjoyed doing Winning a prize just seemed the fairy tale ending to my story.
The show opened at the Surrey Arts Center on Feb. 16  and now it is on the road.  Feb 18-26 Newton Cultural Center, Feb 26-Mar 31 Jinny Sims MP Office, 8532 120 St Surrey, and then to the new Surrey City Hall complex in April. 
If you would like to see a better picture of my poster and learn more about it check my earlier blogs January 22, January 24, and January 27.  
Have a Great Day.

Feb 17, 2014

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - 8 x 10 - $240 Unframed

I love cats but Please don’t tell Rusty!!  I know that he would be very hurt as they have often terrorized him.  We have 2 on our street that really will not respect him as a dog.  If he growls at them they will ignore him or walk up to him.  He lives for the day they will run away from him. 
But I do love to draw cats!  And he doesn't know.
Drawing cats is a very interesting process: they have all kinds of markings; fluffy hair both long and short; interesting eyes; and always there is some kind of personality expressed.  They are very different from drawing dogs.  
This cat gave me a very interesting look, he seemed bold and strong; part happy and part suspicious. He seemed like an interesting challenge.  

If you have a special animal you would like me to draw, just Contact Me.  I would be happy to work with you to bring your idea to life.

February is Marketing Month for Artists, check out my Points to Ponder under my Marketing Skills Page. 

Have a great day.  

Feb 11, 2014

A Day at the Berry Patch - Finished!!!

A Day at the Berry Patch - 11.5 x 14 - Graphite  $400 Unframed

My House Sparrows are done!! 

With a touch of coloured pencil and graphite they have really come to life.  Of course I did the males, they have the lovely plumage, which is really very striking in the sunlight.  (No, I am not sexist, but really, the males are more fun to draw.)  I was surprised when I read they were now a very common bird in North America.  I have not noticed them at our feeder at all. They do love seeds and insects so although they live in urban areas they must stick closer to the farming areas where both are plentiful. 

Interesting to read about these sparrows, they were originally from the Middle East and spread to Europe and North Africa.  They were introduced to North America in 1852 in New Year. They are a very adaptable bird and when introduced to an area they can spread at a rate of 230 kilometres per year!  I guess we can learn a few tricks from them on how to be more adaptable!!
I am sure that despite being mostly seed eaters they will enjoy a few of these blackberries when ripe as well!!

Be sure and check out my Points to Ponder on my new Marketing Skills page here on my blog.  I hope they help to bring new life to your Art Marketing this year. 

Have a great day,   

Feb 8, 2014

A Day at the Berry Patch - WIP

A Day at the Berry Patch
Aren't these little House Sparrows pretty little things? 

I captured them on one of my many trips to Riefel Bird Sanctuary in South Delta.  I have a selection of prints, cards and memo pads there and so I visited it often to restock my work.  (It is such a great place to visit I would be happy to go anytime!)  

My sparrows were perched on the fence that follows the trails around the Sanctuary.  The blackberry bushes  are everywhere pushing up against the fence so of course I have to include them.  They provide an exciting, lush backdrop for my two males as they enjoy the day! Hopefully they will be able to enjoy some of the berries as they become ripe. 
Back to work, the fun part, the birds are done, so now it is time to really build up the background!!

Be sure and check out my Points to Ponder on my new Marketing Skills page here on my blog.  I hope they help to bring new life to your Art Marketing this year. 
Have a good day,

Feb 4, 2014

February is Marketing Month


Primroses, my favourite sign of Spring!!

As all artists know, winter means time to paint!!  No interruptions!!   A favourite time of year!!

But . . .  it is also a time to learn new skills -  Give our Art Business a real push for a Successful Year.  To help I have:

1.  Started a new page on my Blog - Marketing Skills - it is my Points to Ponder - to help polish and expand your Marketing Skills.  My goal is to publish 5 weekly installments this winter to get the ball rolling.
Building your Marketing Skills is a valuable step in moving your Art Business forward.

2.  Designed a Marketing Workshop: Let's Get Our Art Out There!!  Sunday, February 23, 10-3 pm. at my Studio/Gallery in North Surrey.  Looking for new ways to market your work? Want to make your marketing more effective? This day will get your Marketing Plans fired up to new more successful levels. Looking at both online and offline activities to move

Pre-registration is required to join our group on February 23.  See my Workshop/Classes Page for all the registration information.

See you on the 23rd or on my Points to Ponder Page.  Hope they bring new life to your Marketing this Year!!
Have a great day.