Aug 25, 2013

Reflections and Arbutus Splendor on the West Coast of Canada


A few more pictures from Texada Island - Yes, I really had fun painting there!!

Reflections, West Coast of Canada - 6.5 x 10 - $230 unframed

What colour is the ocean?  Many colours I found out this summer: deep indigo when the sky is cloudy and threatening, shades of icy blue when the sun is shining and glassy gray when the air is still.  The reflections of the island change the water even more; greens, golds and violets as the sun begins to drop.  Everything seems to glow with colour. 

"Reflections, West Coast Canada" and "Arbutus Splendor, West Coast Canada" are a more southern view from our camp grounds looking over Moat Bay and of course the Coastal Mountains of Vancouver Island in the distance.  We had had several windless days and everyone was out with their kayaks and boats.  There was a large group of seals hanging out at those islands off the point and we often saw a mother taking her baby out for a swim.  I got some great pictures of them resting on the rocks, you just know they will be my next drawing, hopefully by late Sept!

Arbutus Splendor, West Coast of Canada - 6.8 x 8 - $220 unframed

This is a closer view of the shoreline on Dick Island.  There are gorgeous  large arbutus trees hanging out over the water and when the tide is out, it is a beautiful walk way.  Rusty and I spent lots of time wondering around those rocks and along the beach.  He wasn't so happy with the 'water' part though and  stayed on the sand when I walked in the water!

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Studio at the Farm said...

You really do have glowing colors in those paintings, Wendy - beautiful!!!