Jun 25, 2010


THE MUSHROOM FAMILY - 4.5 x 6.5 - For Sale

Here is a little family I found nestled in the ferns when we were camping on the Sunshine Coast of BC. I had to lay on a mat to get some pictures of them but it was worth it. This is a great little family: the Dad, the Mom and the two 'good' kids cuddled up close and the 'other' one, with the family but with a much more independent nature. I love the 'independent' one, he is the one that can change the world and add that touch of excitement to life if his energy is focused in the right direction. As a teacher I always tried to move that little one forward and it was very rewarding when it worked.
Summer is here and so entries will be slow as we will soon be off on holidays where I will be painting up a storm and finding lots of new material to develop this winter.

Jun 11, 2010

Stepping Out is ready to roll!

Stepping Out - 10.5 x 14.5 inches - For Sale

My sandhill crane is ready to roll and I am really thrilled with her. She (it could be a he but not to me) is looking her finest. She has been busy eating in the bulrushes and now is ready to move on. She was a quite a job, there are no shortcuts to completing her feathers; they all need to be done individually!! The end result is feathers that are really light and fluffy. They look like you can touch them and you will feel their softness. The background really took some time. I don't usually do such a detailed background but I really felt I needed it to establish her environment and to give that 'stepping out' look. I will enjoy her for a few days but meanwhile I am starting on a new project "The Babysitter" with a very unusual baby!!

Jun 2, 2010

Home from our fishing Trip

We had a nice little holiday but it went way too fast. We headed up to a small lake which is up in the mountains only a few hours from our place. It was a beautiful, lush green valley tucked in between the mountains. I am sure that the moss and the lush green plants should have been a clue that it rains there a lot. And rain it did. Yes, we had a few nice days but we also had some great days that were good for snuggling up in the trailer and reading and painting. We did some hiking, got the boat in the water and also a bit of sightseeing. We saw deer, a bear, and lots of squirrels, chipmunks and ducks. It was just really nice to relax and wonder about. I have included a few pictures of the area, the lake which was quiet, the river which was high with the spring runoff and a stellar jay that was always ready if we left anything out.