Apr 19, 2014

Drama In the Rose Garden!!??


Roses are Wonderful!  Love the colours, fragrances, lines and folds!  So much fun to paint and draw!
But how to make them exciting and new in a painting?  That was my problem.  
I decided to use Drama!!

Summer Roses - Work in Progress - Part 1

I started with my main flower in the corner to give it some importance.  Here was the fun. I love building each petal with glazes, wet on wet and then tossing in some special touches when it is dry.  I like to build each petal individually, it seems to help sculpture the flower and give it more dimension.  

Summer Roses - Work in Progress - Part 2 

Once my main flower was settled, I began to add the friends.  I know there is no drama yet and believe me I wanted to "dig in" and add the darks.  I was really starting to get impatient but I held my ground.  The secondary roses are not as tight, I wanted to give that sense of distance between them.  This is as far as I got today but I will be back at it tonight.  The finish should be ready for you real soon, I hope!

My Summer Roses will be part of my show May 1-3,  at GardenWorks at Manderville, Burnaby.  This is a very exciting event, my artist partner, Audrey and I will be the featured artists.  We have a full selection of new works to show off.  We are also running a workshop Friday, May 2, 6:30-8:30pm on Travel Journaling.  It is $25 (Pre-registration Required).  We have some great ideas to put excitement in your Journaling and Manderville is kicking in some free refreshments and appies to make it a real fun Art Party!!  A portion of  our Art Sales and Workshop Fees will be going to the Alzheimer's Society of British Columbia.  
Have a great Art-filled Day, 

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