Apr 23, 2014

Drama In the Rose Garden!!?? - FINISHED


I held my ground!!  No Drama till the End!!

SUMMER ROSES - 11 x 15 - Available

It was a struggle, I must admit.  As I got more of the fellow roses painted I just wanted to "hit my dark and let her rip".  After I painted each of the flowers and leaves I wet my background down and started to lay in my darks.  A mixture of Permanent Rose and Ultramarine Blue.  Of course being cautious and working in the wet, things were not dark enough!!  Once things were dry I added just a touch of my yellow, and went at it again.  I loved that light glow of purple in the top left corner and decided to save some of it so only darken it a bit more.  Then I put a light wash over all the flowers and leaves.  This too needed to be done a second time to really darken some of the areas.  Finally I did some lifting to get a few highlights on the secondary roses. Things were looking pretty good but when I stepped back I could see my main rose was way to light in the front.  Once I put another layer on the bottom left corner, things settled down.  Summer Roses were ready for show!!

The Fuchsias in the Sunshine are up and running, they are now on display for my show May 1-3,  at GardenWorks at Manderville, Burnaby.  This is a very exciting event, my artist partner, Audrey and I will be the featured artists.  We have a full selection of new works to show off.  We are also running a workshop Friday, May 2, 6:30-8:30pm on Travel Journaling.  It is $25 (Pre-registration Required).  We have some great ideas to put excitement in your Journaling and Manderville is kicking in some free refreshments and appies to make it a real fun Art Party!!  A portion of  our Art Sales and Workshop Fees will be going to the Alzheimer's Society of British Columbia.
Have a great Art-filled Day, 

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

Another great painting for your upcoming show!