Apr 13, 2014

Must We Always Start with White Paper? - FINISHED

Fuchsias in the Sunshine - 16 x 20  - Watercolour

Starting with Colour can be freeing, No White Space!!

My fuchsias were painted on a prepared paper washed with a few colours.  (See my  last post Must We Always Start With White Paper)  As you can see I just painted over the background, using the colours of the wash to make my painting.  Life still had a few challenges for me though: 

1.  I still needed a value plan: I found that the lower section was too light and so I needed to put frisket on the stamens and pour a second wash to darken it. Lots of fun keeping it away from my other area!!

2,  Some of the background became too precious:  I really fell in love with the lovely splashes of white from the coarse salt I put on the first pour.  I really had to be firm with myself and cover some of them up. It was for the best but it did hurt a bit!! 
I was really pleased with the final results, I hope you enjoy it as well.  
Have fun with your picture! Enjoy the challenges!!

The Fuchsias in the Sunshine are up and running, they are now on display for my show May 1-3,  at GardenWorks at Manderville, Burnaby.  This is a very exciting event, my artist partner, Audrey and I will be the featured artists.  We have a full selection of new works to show off.  We are also running a workshop Friday, May 2, 6:30-8:30pm on Travel Journaling.  It is $25 (Pre-registration Required).  We have some great ideas to put excitement in your Journaling and Manderville is kicking in some free refreshments and appies to make it a real fun Art Party!!  A portion of  our Art Sales and Workshop Fees will be going to the Alzheimer's Society of British Columbia.  
Have a great Art-filled Day, 

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Gillian Olson said...

Beautifully done, stunning result!