Mar 31, 2016

Artist Statements - A Marketing Tool? - Marketing Tips


Ok, I know you are going to say how can I dishonor the most sacred part of an artist's expression: their statement!  The statement has been since the beginning of time, enshrined in everything that is pure in the artistic world.  To sully it by combining it with commerce seems to blacken it to the highest degree.  

But blacken it I must.  

Your artist statement tells so much. It says what you do.  It talks about why you are doing it. It discusses your goals for a series you are working on. It even explains why you work with certain materials.  It is a window into you and your thinking as you create your work. It combines you and your process to your work.

These are all the elements that make it the most important Marketing Tool in your bag. 

Those early painters really knew what they were doing.  Don't forget, they had to earn their bread and butter by their brush.  The successful ones were the marketers.  They understood how important it is to build a strong bridge between themselves, their process and their work.  

"I am a wildlife artist, my passion is to bring nature to life on paper." Your statement may be as simple as this or a lengthy discussion.  But it will give a window into your work. It can take many forms, depending on where you using it. My little chickadee below has his own version of my Artist Statement.

This is part of my 'Chickadees in the Garden' Series. These little fellows have returned to the garden this spring. Their chatter and chirps as they flutter about bring new life to the garden.  It is their excitement that seems to warm all the grays and browns.  Suddenly the bits of colour seemed to blossom and grow.  Spring is really here!!

Yes, your statement is changing.  It is not a static element.  As your work moves and changes so does your statement. However, you will notice even as it changes there is an overriding element.  For me, it is my wildlife.  Yes, like you, I have tried different types of art and even different mediums.  But despite the differences there is a common theme "Bringing nature to life on Paper".  What is yours? You have one, you may not have articulated it but it is there.  Find it.  It will help you focus your work but also more importantly, focus your marketing.  Your statement is your way of connecting you, your process and your work for your collectors.  Definitely a strong Marketing Tool!! 

 Special Note: 
This week I received the 'Outstanding Service to the Arts 2016' Award from the Surrey Arts Council for all my work for the Arts in the community.  I would love to thank all the people that nominated me for this award but I have no idea who they are.  I was totally surprised.  Contributing to the community as a volunteer has always been important to me. It is really nice to get a special 'thank you ' like this. 
Me - Totally Thrilled!!
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Sea Dean said...

This is great Wendy. I'm just preparing for my largest solo exhibition of the year with about 50 paintings plus prints and art cards. There are seven main display walls which I plan to hang similar groupings on. I will frame my artist statement to hang in the high traffic area, but this has inspired me to put small framed statements in each section. Thank you

Brenda Hill CDM said...

What a lovely surprise and well deserved!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thank you. I must admit I do enjoy it and I have met lots of great people as a result.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Hi Sea, that sounds like a great idea for your show. I am glad to hear my writings have inspired you. Good luck on the show.