Mar 3, 2016

Answering the Call of Nature - Part 2 - Marketing Tips


In British Columbia, Visual Artists are very lucky.  We have a very enterprising lady, Eve Lees publishing "The Artist's Journal".  Eve is a former newspaper editor who saw a need in 1997 to put together a journal of Art Calls and Events happening in BC.  I have asked Eve to be my guest today on my blog to talk about the The Artist's Journal as it is a very valuable resource for visual artists.

I have benefited in so many ways through the Artist Journal.  I had the opportunity to be Artist in Residence at Mount Revelstoke National Park (read about that here), I plan my outdoor markets schedule in a cohesive manner because I know about the events early in the year and I even knew about the 23 day Artist in Residency on the boat from Vancouver to Shanghai in time to enter.  (No, I didn't enter, I decided that was a bit too long for me to be on a boat but I knew about it in time to enter, did you?)

QUIET MAJESTY - off to the Guide Outfitters Ass. of BC  anniversary convention in Victoria as a result of reading about the call in the Artist Journal.

Here is what Eve has to say about The Artist Journal:
"Hundreds of arts organizations regularly submit their events to publish in The Artist’s Journal. As an individual artist (and not a “member of the media”) you may never know of many of these calls. But more important, they are Calls you won’t have to search for yourself – it’s all here for you in one publication, allowing you to spend more time creating your art.
You’ll get all of B.C.’s Calls For Entry in one publication – at a much lower cost than joining each individual Arts Council to see their Calls in their members-only newsletters – including all the Calls that won’t apply to you (Arts Councils are an umbrella group for all art genres, not just painting/drawing artists). There are over 95 Arts Councils in B.C., so at approximately $40 a year for a membership, multiplied by 95 . . . well, you do the math. 
A one year subscription of this quarterly publication (four issues yearly) is $16 for one year or $28 for two years. It is available only by e-mail. Between each issue, subscribers are e-mailed the Calls For Entry that arrived too late to make the publication deadline."

I really like this added feature of the emailed Calls for Entry that arrive too late for publication.  I have often taken advantage of them. See here for More information on "The Artist Journal"

Just a little disclaimer here: This is not meant in any way as an advertisement for Eve's Journal, there is no kickback for me but I do feel it is a valuable resource to put in your kit-bag and worth investigating. If you know of other valuable resources for Artist Calls let me know and I will certainly pass them along.  Awesome art is setting in studios because artists just "can't know about everything".  
My picture "Sunshine and Sunflowers" is coming along well but not complete.  As you probably guessed those pesky yellows are giving me a run for my money.  It will be up and ready for next week!!

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