Jun 25, 2015

Mist and Fog in the Summer!!??


For most of Canada mist and fog does not really happen in the summer. 
But . . .
for many places on the coast it can be a daily occurrence!
EARLY MIST - 8 x 14 - Watercolour
We have just come back from a trip to the West Coast of Vancouver Island and there fog is a fact of life!!  Just off shore the fog banks sit and they drift in and out all day.  One place is sunny and clear and the next spot is buried in fog!!

Boats at the Dock - Ucluelet
 As we enjoyed a breakfast on the patio to this view, life was different in other places!!  Looking straight up we could see the sunshine and once we got on the road for a day of sight seeing we were backing in the sun.  No, the sun was not on the harbour all day, it quickly moved off and they enjoyed some sun for a few hours and then it was back!!  Oh, coastal living!!
Harbour View - Ucluelet
My challenge for Early Mist was to create some of this fog as it started to lift off the water.  I wanted to catch that moment when the early sun catches the particles of water and gives everything a warm glow.  Most of us are sleeping when this happens so I put my seagull in place to enjoy the light!!

New event next week!! 
Thursday, July 2 & Wednesday, August 19, 2015,  I will be doing a mini-residency at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, 1241 Cartwright St. Vancouver, BC.  (Granville Island)  I will be working on my painting "Evening Light" with two Canadian Geese so come down and see Art in Action!!  
Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine,


Brenda Hill CDM said...

Well done Wendy, the fog looks great it makes the bird really stand out

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thanks! It is amazing how the things up close are so clear but things quickly blur as the mist intervenes!