Jun 18, 2015

Can you catch that moment of Discovery??!


You know . . . that Ahahhh Moment!   You see something new, you stop, ponder 
a new discovery!

I don't know, maybe as adults we are too busy, I find those moments don't happen as often as I wish. 

However . . . 

For Toddlers, it is a daily event!!

Something new and exciting is happening all the time!!  
The Occasion: The First Car Wash

Water is swishing, bubbles floating!  Laughter! Excitement!
So much to see and do!  Then suddenly the bucket is unattended and the mop is there.
This little guy seizes the moment.  He is over to the bucket in a shot.  Grabbing the handle, he swishes things around.  HE is going to FIGURE it out!!

These little guys just study everything that is happening and soak up all the new things.  You can watch the little wheels turn as they examine something new and learn how it works.  I love that look of intent on their face.  It captures my imagination, I feel again the joy of learning.

As you probably guessed this is our little guy. He is just 16 months in the picture, excited about being outside, not trapped in a buggy and feeling confident on his feet.   The sun is shining; the water is out; and those little hands are itching to get involved.  My daughter captured this moment.   When I saw the photo I knew I had to paint it!!

Many of you may be surprised to see me work with the figure.  You're right it is not my usual subject but then how can you resist!!

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Have a great day,


Brenda Hill CDM said...

That is one cute painting!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, one of those precious moments that beg to be painted. Even if it wasn't my grandson!