Nov 6, 2014

Bold as Brass - Animal Artistry comes Alive


What fun!!
We have been adopted!!
Yes, this little stellar jay has adopted us!

Isn't he a beauty!

Has some great poses!

Loves to sit for a picture!!

Well we have encouraged him, just a bit!!

This little jay came to our feeder just a few days ago and seems to have put us on his daily route.  Each morning he comes around, checks the feeder and to see what's happening, chasing all the little birds off to the trees.  I decided to throw him some of the peanuts that we  had ready for squirrel treats.  He was very pleased and of course came back for more.  I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots. 
 I needn't have hurried!

He was prepared to do lots of tricks as long as the peanuts kept coming!!

Not sure where he put them, as he flew away and was back in minutes. I was happy to get my shots and ready to move on.  He wasn't!! He had lots to say when I stopped. Since then he arrives like clockwork each day looking for a treat, even coming up to the patio door to see what's keeping us.  A very bold little guy!!  

Of course I had to paint him!!

Bold as Brass - Watercolour - 5.5 x 4.5 Available

I love the character of these birds.  They are bold as brass at the campsite, coming right up to the table to check for scraps.  Poor Rusty, our dog, has often lost his dinner to their quick action at meal times.  They have no qualms at standing close by, studying the action, waiting for the moment and grabbing their reward.  We see them often when we are camping,  it brings back those summer memories to see them here at home. 
Have a great day,


Brenda Hill CDM said...

You captured the perfect jay pose, we don't see them here

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Too bad, they are a bird with real character!