Jan 22, 2014

The Lady Vanishes - WIP

The Lady Vanishes Poster - just getting started

Have you seen the movie - THE LADY VANISHES - 1938???  - Starring Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave, directed by Alfred Hitchcock

This is will be my entry into the Silver Screen Poster Competition with the Surrey Arts Council.  The competition focuses on the Golden Age of Motion Pictures, the 30’s and 40’s.  This was an exciting time in movie industry; colour, talking and acting were the focus.  This was when some of those really great films were made as well: Gone With the Wind (1939); The Wizard of Oz (1939); Stagecoach (1939); Casablanca ( 1942 ); The Maltese Falcon (1941); were just a few from that period.  But more important many careers were launched.  I chose the movie The Lady Vanishes (1938) as it marked a turning point for Alfred Hitchcock.
Work is underway - Ooops! Seeing the picture in a different format helps to see where changes are needed 

 Hitchcock had started career as a director in England but it was this film that caught the eye of Hollywood.  I grew up hearing about his movies, they were scary, exciting and yet gripping.  I must admit I never had the nerve to watch all of Psycho!!  I liked his tamer movies, my favourite being To Catch a Thief (1955) with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Do you have a favourite Hitchcock movie?

If you have a special moment in time you would like me to draw for you  Contact Wendy   and I will be happy to work with you.  We will be able to do most of our work through phone and email. 

Have a great day and I will keep you posted on my progress.

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