Jan 24, 2014

The Lady Vanishes - WIP Part 2

This is a BIG poster – 18 x 24!

 I don’t usually work in such a large size and I didn't realize the size would make such a difference in my method of working.  First of all I had to adjust my drawing table, I usually sit to draw but for this project I found it better to raise my table and stand.  This allowed me to work at the poster from all sides and to visual my progress better. 
Hard at work but the end is in sight!!!  

Taking frequent pictures of my poster helped me see what was happening with the drawing.  When you see your drawing in different formats it is often easier to see where changes are needed.  As I reviewed the photos of my work in progress, the smaller format made it very clear I needed to do more work on my actress’s eyes.  I could tell something was wrong when the work was flat and upright but once I reviewed the photos I could really see the problem.   Give it a try the next time you are fighting with a painting or a drawing. 

My usual soft pencils were dull in a minute and when I was working on the lettering I needed them sharp.  I started using my Staedtler Pencil Holders more as they could be quickly sharpened to a point and seemed to hold it longer.  I used a H lead, 2B lead and 2B lead. As my work came closer to completion I also used my bridge more.  You can see mine is made from 1/4 inch plywood but the commercial ones are more transparent.  They do give you a place for your hand that keeps it off your work.  With so much graphite on the drawing just using a piece of paper under my hand was starting to cause trouble.

If you have a special moment in time you would like me to draw Contact Wendy   I would be happy to work with you.  
Have a good day. 


Studio at the Farm said...

This is a wonderful project, Wendy, and a most striking poster!!! I appreciate this post on the changes you made in your approach to accommodate the size, and the use of the bridge.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, it really was a project that lead me into new territory and I did learn lots of new things with it.