Friday, November 15, 2013

Winter's Coming! WIP

Winter's Coming - Work in Progress
For most of Canada winter is here but on the West Coast we enjoy a much warmer climate so no winter yet.  (some years it doesn't even come!!).  I like to do at least one winter picture and this little Stellar Jay will star in this year's picture.  I had taken the reference material pictures several years ago when Steve, Rusty and I were camped up in the mountains at Silver Lake, south of Hope.  The weather was terrible!!  It had rained for days and we had nearly run out of books and hot chocolate!  Finally the sun came out.  This little guy was one of our first visitors and he chittered away until we found some peanuts for him.  We were happy to come out from under the tarps and enjoy the day and Rusty was happy to hunt around for the peanuts I had put out.  Who knew dogs loved peanuts!! 
Enjoy the day!
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