Apr 18, 2019

My Really SMALLmendous Art Kit - Painting and Drawing Tips

I have found the best darn Art Kit you could ever want.

Small. Compact. Great Materials. Light weight. Always Ready. Draw, Paint, Write with Ease.

Don't believe me, it's true.  I have tried many combinations, read tons of blogs, spent copious amounts of money, getting smaller and smaller. 
  But finally I am there.  
Hey, I bet you aren't ready to paint JUST ANYWHERE!! Fishing with my family on Blanchford Lake, NWT.  (Well I wasn't fishing alllllll the time)

645 grams and that includes the sketchbook . . .
Weight doesn't seem important if you want your kit to pull out at home and do a bit of work.  But once you leave the house it becomes a factor.  Don't forget you need your wallet, phone (surprising how heavy they are), keys, sunglasses, water, snack, hat,  . . . .  There always seems to be so much even when you try and whittle it down. So 398 grams  is great.
Small compact and almost the same size as my sketchbook

Materials are Artist Grade.  
I have tried lots of little kits and although they are nice and compact the paints are weak.  I spend ages trying to get some good darks.  Or the colours are opaque.  I like transparent colours.   My secret, get my own empty metal pallet and put my colours in it.  My paint tray is a small metal case approx. 12 x 7 x 2 cm.  (I have provided Links to Amazon on many of the items I mention.  It is not an endorsement of Amazon only a means of showing you what they are like.)  I use the half pans and have 12 in my case.
This little case goes everywhere with me.  Little trays means you mix paint on any little surface.  

Setting Up your Own tray: 
It is a bit of fiddling to set up your own tray but once it is done, your are ready to Rock and Roll.  Paint Pans are held in place using Tacky Putty. Fit the trays in the case before filling them.  Allow them to sit at least 24 hours or until they have a good film over them before closing the tray.

 As a good rule of thumb to choose your colours you want: 2 reds, 2 blues, 2 yellows (a warm and cool of each) and brunt sienna and a premixed green.  My colours right now are: Hooker Green WN, Aureolin DV, New Gamboge WN, Cadmium Orange WN, Permenent Rose DV, Quinacridone Red DS, Brunt Sienna DV, Cobalt Teal Blue, DV, Ultra Marine DS, Indanthrene Blue WN, Winsor Blue Gr Shade WN

Don't worry if you don't fill all your pans right away.  Paint a bit and see what colours you like.  Cad Orange was a late addition for me and although it is not transparent I like it.  It gives me a good shot of orange, when I want it and used thinly it makes a nice warm yellow.  My Indathrene Blue is on the way out.  I find I prefer the Ultra Marine more. I thought at one time I liked Indanthrene Blue but our love affair seems to be over.  I think a nice premixed Purple would be good, still deciding on the right kind of Turquoise and maybe Prussian Blue should join me.  You can get a good dark with Prussian Blue. 

Great having the mesh cover so you can see what in there and where it is.  

The Case is really crucial.  It needs to be lightweight, strong enough to protect, big enough for EVERYTHING, easy to use.  Impossible right.  My secret is my Travelon Packing Square.  (The middle one).  It is mesh on the front so you can see in, long enough for pens, pencils and paint brushes and even has a pocket at the back for business cards and special things. 
There not that expenses so it is surprising how nice the brushes are.

Two waterfilled paint brushes, one with some water in it and one empty.  I find the water in the brush often keeps the brush too wet so I like a dry one for the detail at the end.  These are reasonable in price, don't go too cheap though. You want something that holds the water and has a decent brush. 

I know hey, lots of little things in that kit.  Somehow I need them all!

- Two Micron 03 pens.  I use to carry just one but after having one explode on the plane I like to always have an extra. 
- 2B Derwent Pencil
- vinyl eraser cut with a point
- putty eraser
- small pencil sharpener in small plastic bag
- few pieces of paper towel
- small ruler
- water tin 3.5 cm diameter (a small tea leaf tin from Davids Tea)
business cards
- few paper with some pictures on them (see last post on Prepping Your Sketchbook for more info on this)
- Special thing: My little book on John Constable's work from the Art Gallery in Edinburgh.  (Haven't been able to part with it yet.  Still a great memory from an old trip) 

Yes, believe it or not,  all of that fits in my case with ease.  That's why that case is sooooo important. 

Other Extras:
Yes, there is still more I often add.  I love to draw with my pens so I take a thinner pen 01 and thicker one 05 for more detail.  Since I use watercolour for colour I don't take coloured pens.  But 1 or 2 coloured pens might be something you would want.  If I am traveling I also add a pair of small folding scissors (these are surprisingly sharp) and Scotch Double sided mounting strips.  (Strips can be cut into small squares and used to attach brochures, pictures, artifacts from the trip.  I like to journal as well as draw/paint when traveling. Fun to do on planes, trains or where ever your waiting.

Do you have some favourite Extras in your kit?  Do you keep your kit packed and ready to go?

Next week, its time for a Test Run - see you then.

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Suzan said...

Wendy: I appreciate the detail - and the Amazon connections. I am very much a beginner. I have followed your suggestions and am just packing my case for a 6 week trip starting Sunday. Double checking to make sure I have the basics from your post. Thank you so much. Suzan.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Glad to hear you find the information useful. Have a great trip and good luck with your sketch booking. Let me know how things work out.