Jan 4, 2018

Putting Your Mark Down - Painting and Drawing Tips


 Drawing Is Mark Making.  Most people  Are fascinated with it.  
"I always wanted to draw but . . ." 
"I can't draw stick people".
"Wow! How long does it take to do something like that?"
"Have you always been drawing?"

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Degas said “Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see.”

I totally agree.   Drawing is like magic.  You take a flat piece of paper and with a pencil or brush  you can make others see anything.

Is there a limit to what Mark Making can be ?

I think we define our limits through our preferences.  Each of us has our own personal preferences.  This is what governs our marks. Here is how my preferences influence my work. 

Texture is a Big One for me
Having a variety of smooth and bumpy marks on my paper attracts my eye and provides a sense of satisfaction for me.  This preference affects my choice of paper and also my choice of subjects.  I want a paper that has a strong tooth that I can leave untouched or flatten.  I like the the way my fur and feathers are soft and fluffy.  It seems to invite you to touch.

Polished Construction is a Big Draw for me
Loose flowing lines, running across the page are okay for my sketches but quickly tighten up when I get focused on my subject.  Again this preference affects my choices in medium and methods.  In graphite I like my subject fully developed but often leave the background blank. Working in layers, I sculpture the shape of my birds and animals letting the values give the feeling of mass.  My work in watercolour is very similar with a loose flow of colours in the background but with subjects that are build up with layers of paint until they appear alive and ready to move.

These little guys have soft fur that contrasts well with the rough wood they are standing on.  

Black, Sharp, Crisp Lines Fascinates me
As much as I love the soft grays of graphite I often rebel and pick up my pen.  I love the intricate marks that a pen makes and the smooth easy way it moves across the paper.  Again the choice affects my paper.  For ink work I want smooth bright, white paper and a black pen.  Although pens are available in other colours I don't feel the same attraction. 

Mixing Textures, Layers and Crisp Lines Excites me
I am not sure if any artist is a purist to one medium. As much as you are attracted to one or two main points your eye is often drawn to other things. The desire to mix things leads me to mix different mediums: graphite and pen, coloured pencil with ink and pencil and watercolour and ink. 

As you move further along your Journey into your Art Making do you feel the pull of certain things.  Are they shaping the directions you are going?   What things really hold your interest and keep you coming back. 

Up next week, Can't wait to show you a new approach with my old Standby! 

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Time to Move Inside and Draw
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