Dec 21, 2017

Christmas Wishes for Everyone - Painting & Drawing Tips


Holly Berries & Rufous-Sided Towhee - $225 Matted, Unframed
Max and I love to walk along the trails in Tynehead Park.  There are forested trails with strong tall firs and open grass fields that shimmer in the sunshine.  There is a small stream that flows through the middle which the salmon will travel up in the fall.  I love the little glimpses of wildlife we are treated to on our walks.  A coyote ready to pounce, an eagle circling in the sky, salmon finning in the water, we even watched two big herons lifting off the water the other day.  But in the winter months things can be slow.  The little Rufous-Sided Towhee is one of our friends.  They flutter in the bushes, chitter and call, bringing life and colour to the winter landscape.

This little guy is just like the ones Max and I see.  Stopped for minute, checking for food to eat but still watchful as we rounded the corner.  I think he has decided we are not danger and will soon resume his lunch. 

Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and all the best for the New Year to come.  I look forward to sharing my Painting and Drawing Tips with you next year. I will be on a Christmas Break but will be back again on Thursday, January 4. 

Here are a few last minute Christmas Ideas. Gift Ceriticates are available.  

 A heartfelt gift for that special person
A commission - Capture that Best Friend in a Pet Portrait.  A keepsake that will be cherished by everyone in the family. 

For the Artist on your list.   Private Drawing Lessons   Get more information  here. 

A really special gift for the Artist on your list:

 All day Marketing Workshop - Let's Get Your Art Out There - Sunday, Feb 25 or March 4, 2018.  This is an opportunity to work with a small group focusing on ways that work for you, to market your art.  Whether you are looking at full time or part Art Sales, there are effective, proven strategies that will get your work out the door. $80 (+$4 GST) Limited to 8 per session.  Art by Wendy Studio/Gallery, N. Surrey, BC.  REGISTER NOW  with Wendy.   Out of Towners give me a call and we can set something up.

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