Jan 25, 2018

Where do Your Edges Meet? Painting and Drawing Tips

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Painting/Drawing is like preparing for a Trip to parts unknown.  Lots of pre-trip planning: researching the destination; visualizing the journey; and of course building up GREAT Expectations for the results!!

Then THE Day comes. . .   
The Trip begins.

In your studio you have finished all the pre-planning and your new Adventure begins.  Your canvas is out, the paints are mixed and the brush/pencil begins to dance.

WOW!!  So exciting!  It feels like the moon and starts are aligned and life is perfect.

Suddenly disaster!

Well really is it a disaster?  So you missed the bus, there's others.  Your reservations are lost, you will find another spot to stay.  Every adventure has its challenges, solving them is part of the adventure.  It's what makes it.

Your painting/drawing adventure follows the same path.  Pleasure.  Excitement. Pushing Forward.  Then . . .Oh. Oh!  Things are not working. It's wrecked!

Hold it!!  

When I hit this wall, and yes, it seems most artists hit this wall at some point in the process.  I find it is not a disaster, it is a time to step back and rethink.  My first questions: What do I like? Why? What do I not like?

Your good friend, EDGES is often the culprit.  You read some of his stories in my last post "6 Stories your Edges Tell"  but there is more.

Where do your Edges meet? 

Edges are the sides of any shape in the painting: a beck, a shadow, a petal.  Where an two or three edges meet are important intersecting points.  There is a lot of information shared there.

The petals on this Black-eyed Susie are rolled and curled, full of life.  
Take a look at these Black-eyed Susies in the Big Picture and the small one on the left.  The petals appear to have life: they are rolled and curled as they emerge from the center and yet connected to the center.  The story is told in where the edges meet.  The little curls in the edges as they emerge from the center give that information to the eye.  Cover the center and petal tops and see if they have the same fullness.  Now look at the second close up on the right.  Here those little curves are flatten.  The petals do not dance and bounce, they are flatten as well.  A tiny little change in the line, just at the point of intersection and a different story is told. 
Note the places marked where the Edges meet

Check out my Little Stellar Jay, PEANUTS, MY FAVOURITE.  I have pointed out a few places where Edges meet and very subtle stories are being told. 
Note the subtle changes to him when I flatten out those MEETING Places
The edges of my little Stellar Jay hve been flatten out at those Meeting Places.  The stories are now quite different. 
1.  Feet no longer look like they are 'in' the grass.
2.  The downy feathers are no longer at the top of his leg.  It has a very hard look
3.  The Feathers tucked in no longer have the sharp edge of the flying feathers
4.  The slight rise on the back is gone making that top feather no longer look like it is sitting on top of his back.  And I removed those light shadow points on his back.  That whole layer of feathers seems to have disappeared!
5.  That slight bump is gone at the side of his head making the crown feathers lose their fluffy, feathery texture. 

I know, these are just tiny points but combined they take away from your work.  Not everyone wants realistic work but even loose flowing work has edges to watch for.  On your next painting/drawing check out those meeting points and see if you agree with me.  I would like to hear your thoughts.

I am really interested in shapes right now, more painterly ones coming up next post.

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