Nov 30, 2017

Values and Colours in Action - Painting & Drawing Tips

New Works from the Studio of Art by Wendy 

WINTER COLOURS - $225     11 x 14 matted, unframed
Winter Colours features a little Rufous-sided Towhee, which we see a lot in the winter.  Their bright orange bellies add a bit of colour to the birds around the feeder and of course out on a walk.  

This time of year my heart thinks of snow.  As a kid we lived in Nova Scotia and snow, snow forts, skating on the lake, snow storms and no school were the norm.  I loved the fun of snow, especially the no school part and I find that even though I don't like driving in it, I still have a love of snow.  So winter pictures must have snow!  

Values in Action
Painting snow really makes me think of values.  It is white, just like the baby goats in the last drawing post "Blenders the Secret to The Soft Touch of Graphite" .   Now instead of the gray tones of graphite you are dealing with colour.  What happens to the values then? 

Winter Colours - Compare the tonal values with the colours
All those beautiful colours have a value and keeping the value pattern consistent is important.  In working with graphite you used different values to create the 'mass' of the shape.  The same thing happens in colour.  But now you are converting your 'colours' into a value on your value scale.  

Values of Colour
When it comes to working with colour, many shorten the 10 Point value scale to only 5 values. 

There is White, 3 mid-tones and Black
To think of these values in terms of colour think: (From Lightest to Darkest)
Yellow, Yellow orange and Yellow Green 
Orange, Red Orange, Green, Blue Green
Red, Blue
Red Purple, Blue Purple, Purple
Of course within each colour there is a range of values, but having this picture in your mind will help in seeing and converting your colours into value.  Of course, taking a picture and converting it to tonal values is the most efficient method but not always practical when the paint is wet and colours are mixing. 

Note the values of the colours in the leaves - all in the mid tone and black range 

Building Mass with Values
In creating the leaves in the painting, you need the different values to make them 3 Dimensional. At the same time the value range has to be close or the leaves will not read as a unit. After all, they are not the focus of the painting. 
But the real challenge comes with the snow.  Like the goats, the snow is white.  But a white blob would be one dimensional and not have the puffy, billowing feel that is needed. 

Snow can have values that range from white to black!

Again like the white goats there is in fact very little 'white'.  Most of the snow has some value ranging from the light mid tones to the dark mid-tones  and even a spot or two that is almost black.  In some ways it is like Magic.  You are creating the illusion of white snow, yet you are using some very dark values.

Take the challenge and try your hand at snow - either in graphite or paint.  Have some winter fun!!

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