Jan 19, 2017

3 Ways to turn Drawing Despair into Action - Painting & Drawing Tips


It's January, time to start new things. Your new sketchbook and pencils are ready; you want to draw. Flush with excitement you start.

Oh no. That line is wrong, you erase, you start again.  Erase.  Draw a bit more, not quite happy but  keep going.  “I am not going to erase, just draw’” You say to yourself.  But then, it's not right.  Erase some more.  Slowly but surely your confidence wanes and you become discouraged. 

Simple but nice study of a flower
We have all been there.

I did not go to art school.  I did not take art classes in high school. But I did have that passion to create. My journey took me first to fiber and fabric and then to drawing. Learning to draw was a hard journey with many emotional ups and downs. You wonder, how did I keep going.  I learned from my students at school.  I taught in a high school Learning Center helping students with Learning Disabilities cope with school and its demands.  They wanted to be successfully but learning was a frustrating experience for them.

They taught me a lot.

1.    Give yourself little encouragers to keep going: 
No I don’t mean a piece of chocolate when you finish a page, but if that helps try it.  With drawing, it’s the little things that make you feel good.  Materials you like, a sketchbook that is right for your medium. This is not the time to ‘make do’.  Big Books can bog you down – 9 x 12 is nice in the studio 5.5 x 8 for field work.

Working with light and shadows
Start on page 2.  That first blank page has way too much power, flip the page and start working.  You can always glue a special picture on the first page, make it a title page or leave it as a cover. 

Large repetitious areas are discouraging and bog you down. If you are bored, move around the picture.  Mix it up.  Detail work then back to boring fill type areas.  Also, Don’t feel you have to finish every picture.  This is a sketchbook.  Have a focus skill you want to work on, once its done, move on if you like. 

2.    Make that inner critic work for you not against you
Developing a good inner critic is important.  Being able to critic your own work really helps your work improve. But you need to make it work with you.  When you work, stop, look at what is happening on the page.  (If you are sitting, put your book on an easel and step back).

 I know this is when that destructive voice takes over. Beat it to the punch. Ask yourself: What do I like about this picture? What is my favourite spot? What makes it so good?  How can I use that in other parts of the drawing?  See, you have him busy giving you good feedback that is productive. 
Ink & Coloured Pencil - I find this intriguing, it seems to show the stages of development.
3.    Celebrate your successes
I think this is something that is so easy to take for granted.  The drawing is done, you turn the page and move on.  I work in graphite which smudges after a while in a sketchbook.  When I finish a drawing that has lots of shading, I give it a light spray with fixative so it will stay nice. I put my book on an easel at the end of my drawing session. I enjoy my drawings. When I come back into my studio, it gives me a lift to see what I have done. Looking through my book feels good, I have nice, clean pictures to look back on. I can see where I came from, I can see my improvement, and I celebrate that. 
I love these little pigs - To me being unfinished adds to the interest,
Learning to draw can be a challenging and rewarding experience.  But it also is an emotional rollercoaster.  Keeping yourself moving forward will definitely lead to success. 

Do you have tricks and treats to keep yourself on track?  I’d love to hear what works for you.

Getting your drawing skills going is my focus right now.  Next up: Eraser. Your Friend or Enemy?!

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

Good post Wendy, like the little floral drawing!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thanks, I hope it helps someone turn their drawing frustrations around. 🤗