Oct 27, 2016

Do You Know your Subject? Part 3 - Painting and Drawing Tips


Have you a Body of Work?  

Is it focused on a subject, issue, theme?  

Have you considered working in a series or theme?  "Do you know you Subject" is a series of posts that examines this issue.  The first post, Oct 13 , looks at it from the artistic point of view; benefits to the Artistic Soul.  The second post on working in a series or theme, (Oct 20) looks at the benefits from a Marketing point of view.

Today I would like to introduce you to Jane Appleby.  Jane has spent the last year working on a series of Plein Air videos, publishing one each week on Social Media.  Yes, we do have mild winters here on the West Coast of Canada but still I am sure there were a few challenges for her to paint outdoors all winter.

I have asked Jane to comment on her experience in terms of both a contributing factor to her artistic growth and affect on her marketing.
Jane Appleby painting in Stanley Park

Hi Wendy, Thank you for this opportunity to share working in a series for growth and for marketing.

I certainly believe there is a benefit to working in series and one of the main aspects of doing this is understanding your own process of painting (even though it may be influenced by others). To actually do something for a dedicated time means it is important to you and you will discover during that time what that actually is. For me I knew I liked the outdoors and painting but I did not realize that I had to learn a few more disciplines in my work such as notans and reading values or shapes better. While working through my 37 minute and 37 stroke paintings (doing fast and purposeful paintings) I gained expertise in my intuition and brushwork while also working on specific elements or aspects. It also helped to be inspired by the landscape I so loved and that’s why I chose places already close to my heart.

The marketing aspect was not the main reason I took a year to do a series. I wanted to really embrace outdoor painting and see what I actually did while I painted, and with the videos I could watch and learn from them. I was able to document and follow my progress as well as share it with those that may be interested in it also.

As it turns out after a year of filming and sharing I have over 130 subscribers which I feel is a nice following. My goal of posting weekly and having 100 subscribers was met and I have to thank my videographer Peter for keeping me on track with all that. He does all the editing and posting (VancouverVideoProductions). If I did not set this goal I may not have posted on Facebook and or my newsletters as much and only enjoyed the videos as a keepsakes of my journey or practice in painting. In completing the year of painting for video, I have a nice series of Plein Air landscape paintings (11x14 to 16 x 20), some which I am making into greeting cards and a good body of work that has helped me get to where I am today.
Jane Appleby: Lighthouse Park - Oil on Board
At the same time, I am very pleased that my own journey can also be helping others. I recall before the halfway point I was ready to just stop, finding it too difficult to get out there and be focused for another video.  A painter friend said she looked forward to my weekly videos and that I couldn't stop (I recalled her words on the many occasions I felt like cancelling the day's work). As for sales - that happens but its a small part the work. I hope to have a show with these pieces but haven’t decided where yet. What really keeps me going is to become a better painter which is always a challenge (like a series) and sometimes means changing directions, such as doing abstract work from my plein airs.

Jane will be speaking at the Surrey Art Gallery on Jan. 5, 2017 on doing abstract work from Plein Air. 
You can see Jane's work at www.applebyart.com. And www.janeappleby.com.

A few of Jane's favourite videos:
A. Port Moody-Walk in the Park  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=469TzCq3tGk   (fast motion)
B.  Lighthouse Park - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpNn97XPwVU   (painting explained)
C.  Third beach - 37 stroke which was dedicated to my dad on the 10th anniversary of his death and meant a lot for me to be doing what he had instilled in me (being outdoors, arts and putting our best efforts out).  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdPhG_ldMW8   (37 stroke painting)

Still having a few reservations about trying a series, focusing on a project?  

On my next post I  have a few parting thoughts and other examples of what a series or project can look like  I hope you will join me.

To read my first post on working with a series see:  Do You Know your Subject- Part 1, Oct 13.   

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