Oct 20, 2016

Do You Know your Subject? Part 2 - Painting & Drawing Tips


Does your work have a Theme?

Are you working on a series? Do you have a major Project planned?

No. . . You like to be free. Exercise your artist freedom. Follow your heart. Be true to yourself.  You get bored easily and you don't like to be repetitive. . . .. 

All very valued emotions. 

But, . . .  you knew I had a but . . .

CAUGHT IN THE SUNLIGHT - 5 x 7, Ink & Watercolour
Part of my Constructive Organic Series

Working on a theme, a series or a project focused on a particular direction, that you choose, can lead you into new territory.   It allows you to explore and examine ideas, concepts, issues that you are interested in, in a much deeper and more meaningful way. 

More importantly working in series has a lot of benefits for Marketing your art.  Don't get me wrong, I am not just focusing on the monetary value and forgetting the artistic values.  My last post,  "Do you know your Subject?" Oct.13, 2016, explored the ideas of series as enrichment for the artist's soul.  Now I would like to examine its role in marketing your art. 

Marketing your art requires a Body of Work.  What does your Body of Work look like? Is it grouped into smaller cohesive units of work or is made up of up "onesies".  One of this and one of that.  Heading in all different directions with no unifying points. 

The human mind is one that constantly needs to organize things, make sense of its surroundings no matter where it is.  If things are unclear, the brain instinctively feels compelled to eliminate the confusion.  This holds true with Art.  Observers want to feel connected and understand the art, a cohesive body of work is far more compelling and effective than a hodgepodge.  

So what does this look like in real life?

You have put together a group of 10 or 12 pictures for show in a small gallery, coffee shop or pop up show.  Your pieces are each isolates, unrelated to each other.  To look at the show requires your audience to stop at each piece and reorient themselves as to what your are doing, where you are going, what your art is about.

If those pieces are a cohesive unit, you appear more professional.  You have moxie. You are the authority on the ideas embodied within the art.  You have something to say. This is an amazing place to be.  You have more confidence to speak about your work, your passion shows through, and your connection with your audience is more profound. This is a very strong position to be in when marketing your art.

Also, a cohesive group of work means the branding of your show is focused, your show has a message.   Suddenly you are able to provide answers to burning questions, cause your viewers to explore new ideas, make your audience see other sides to an issue.  There are reasons to come and look at your art.

"Caught in the Sunlight" part of my Constructive Organics Series is about the changing environment and how birds and animals are caught up in it.  Their organic world is shrinking.  Artificial, mechanical and plastic is now a big part of their world.  They must adapt to survive.  My work is intended to make you stop, think, empathize. View the changes in our environment in a different way. Explore new ideas.  This is a show that is easy to market, I have no trouble speaking out about, it gives me confidence. That is the place where you want to be when your work is on display and you are asked to speak about it.

Still having a few reservations about trying a series, focusing on a project?  

For my next post I have planned an interview with an artist who has just finished a year long project she was passionate about.  She will share with us how she feels about the project both as an influence on her artistic development and her marketing success.  I hope you will join me.

To read my first post on working with a series:  Do You Know your Subject- Part 1, Oct 13.   

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

A very handsome deer, we see a few of these on our morning walks in our local park

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

You are lucky. Max and I see rabbits and birds on our walks. To see a deer is special.