Dec 24, 2015

Christmas Wishes for Everyone


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Early Morning on the Mud Flats - 7.5 x 13.5 , Watercolour
Every few years the Snowy Owls come south to the Fraser River Delta to spend the winter.  It is an exciting time for bird watchers and photographers.  They settle on the Mud Flats and watch the excitement as people flock to see them.

When they were last here, Steve and I got up early and headed out before daylight to see them.  When we arrived there was no one around and it was still dark.  We headed out on the dyke, not quite sure what we would find or even where to look. We had only walked about 50 feet when suddenly we realized there were soft white bumps sitting on the logs right beside the dyke.  We couldn't believe it. They were not concerned with us and simply content to look around. As the morning light started to filter through the skies it was an awesome sight. There must have been about 50 owls, scattered among the bushes in front of us.  I got some great pictures.  Sad to say as the daylight settled in more and more people came and then the owls were nervous, they moved further out into the mud flats and were much harder to see.  Apparently there is plenty of food in mud flats for them, so they are happy to stay here for the winter before heading north again.

As I looked through my winter pictures I was drawn to my owls and decided this one was to be my Christmas Picture.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and tips on art and art marketing with you again next year,

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

Merry Xmas Wendy, it made a lovely card and I sense some zentangle in the foreground?

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Merry Christmas to you. No deliberate tangles but then and pattern in nature is a tangle.