Oct 29, 2015

The Zentangled Adventure Continues - Ink & Water Colour Techniques


Have you jumped on the Zentangle Bus yet? 

Looking for a fun ride, get to play, experience bright shiny things and the results always look great?

If so join us on the Bus.

(See my last post " Have you been on a TangledAdventure?" for the basics: materials, examples, resources.)

As I mentioned before, I have been working through Beckah Krahula's book, One Zentangle A Day, A 6-week course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration and Fun".   No, I am not even close to being finished but it has given me lots of great ideas.  Too many!  I am waking up at night with projects swirling in my head.  I am also torn between working further in my book or just jumping in and running with it. 

I decided to  Jump!!

My  plan: integrate my birds and animals into my tangles. You knew my Animal World would just have to come with me on this bus.

So I began.  

TANGLED ADVENTURE - 5 X 7 - Ink & Watercolour
My thoughts as I set up my tangle spaces was of plants: organic shapes rising from the ground. As I worked on my tangles I was very much aware of their values.  Some tangles are quite dark while others are lighter and more open.  For this I found it was really good to have some of my tiles to refer to. I also tried to work in 3's.  Each tangle was repeated 3 times within the Zentangle.  No, there is no rule, that was just my own personal one.  It seemed to work well in my practice tiles so I continued it. Once I had my Zentangle complete it was time to place my cat.  I really wanted her to be in adventure mode as she moved into the page. 

The colours came last. They came out of my cat and her colours with a little of their complement dropped in. 

The working surface was 140lb Arches Hot Press watercolour paper.  It was wonderful.   The pen work just glided across the surface and the colours popped.  Just a side note, Hot Press paper does not react the same as Cold Press paper.  The watercolour does not float on the surface, it is very quickly grabbed and held in place.  It does make for a great blended look, much like oil but is a bit of a shock if you have just been using Cold Press paper. 

When I was done I wanted feedback.

My local critics had lots to say.  And some comments were very surprising.

My husband, who I thought is a very realistic kind of guy, loves it.  My son is mediocre, 'it's okay. It draws you in.  I like the tangled stuff.'  My daughter, very much a realist, no surprises there " Ugly!"   Visitors and students also got involved: "It's great! It's surreal." "I love it." "Wow!!""It's Cool! Very different for you, Wendy" They were definitely encouraging.  However, the true test will come next week, as I have entered my "Tangled Adventure" into a juried show.  I will let you know how it makes out.

For me,  I  love the contrast of the crisp dark ink with the soft subtle touch of colour. The random mystic shapes of the tangles and the subtle realism of the cat.  (I know, deep down I am a realist too, like my family.)  But I am really inspired by it.  As I said before, lots of ideas are floating about:   Halloween is here, no time to draw, but can't you just see some spooky tangled shapes hanging down with a witch or goblin lurking by?  See what I mean, fun to dream up new Zentangle Ideas. 

Get your pen out - Time to Tangle!

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Have a great artful day,


Brenda Hill CDM said...

I'd say a good blend of both, fun and funky, good luck on the jury entry!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, I like that - fun and funky. Would like to do more but must work on Christmas Commissions first. :(