Oct 1, 2015

Before Brush Hits Paper


When the call came, I was delighted.
 Take some pictures of Lucy and do a drawing. 
Lots of free rein.  My imagination went into overtime. 

Lucy is a lovely little Tortoiseshell Cat.  She loves to talk and will issue her commands in a very demanding voice.  Feed me! Where are my treats? Pet me! Treats are actually her favourite thing and if she thinks you have any well . . . She has a lot to say about it. She is independent.  She knows what she likes and knows how to get it!

She is black, well almost, one or two little white spots and a few light golden spots but basically very dark.  She is an inside cat which means the photo shoot is inside not much natural light. 

Lucy 1 - Graphite

Art making is about problem solving. So much is happening before you put your brush to paper. You know what it is like.  The excitement builds.  Plans start spinning in your head.  You can't sleep. You don't hear a thing.  You're in your own world. Trying this. Discarding. Sorting. Figuring .
Don't you just love this stage of a Picture!  I was on that bus.  I could hardly wait to get to work.

It was a sunny day so with camera in hand I started.  Lucy wanted to wonder so down on my knees I followed along.  (No head tilted pictures for me).   We stopped, she sat, she looked.  I clicked.  (thank heavens for digital cameras, you know what you have right away.  How did we survive with film?)  Lighting was bad, she was too shadowed. Adjust my settings. Oh oh, she moved.  In the sun. Adjust again. She jumped up on the chair. Turned her back. 

And so it went. Too dark.  Head turned. She's gone.  Too close.  "No Lucy I don't have any food for you."  ( I think she felt I should be paying her for the photos)  Click. Click. Click. Body turned.  Lights wrong.  Eyes closed.  Head down. Click. Click. Click. 

We took a break.  

Lucy 3 - Graphite

Of course the treats came out.  Lucy was happy.  She cleaned herself.  Settled down. Moved into shadow.  Rattled the treat bag. She moved. I crawled. Click. click. click.

Finally Lucy decided we were done.

The shoot was over but I had lots of material to work from. Working with the owner we narrowed it down to 3 of our favourites.  We couldn't decide so we didn't.  I did all three!

Not too soon to start thinking about a pet portrait for Christmas. They are a lovely way to celebrate a cherished pet. Give me a call and we can get started. 

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 Have a great artful day, Wendy


Brenda Hill CDM said...

Lucy is adorable, love her soft fur and attitude

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thanks, I am working on the last picture. It is a challenge to get that hair soft and fluffy,her hair is sooooo soft.